The director of the Environment challenges his accusation in the case of toxic bottles

La directrice de l’Environnement conteste sa mise en examen dans l’affaire des bonbonnes toxiques

Tahiti, January 17, 2023 – The investigation chamber examined on Tuesday the appeals for annulment of the accusations presented by the director of the Environment, Miri Tatarata, and her deputy director, Etienne Taramini, in the case of the submerged toxic boats in January 2019 at the Kura Ora II. Decision of February 14. Processed on … Read more

The accused director of the environment

Affaire des bonbonnes toxiques : La directrice de l

Tahiti, April 11, 2022 – Environment Director Miri Tatarata was charged Monday in the case known as the “toxic canisters” immersed in theY cup holders Kura Ora II in January 2019, when they still contained methyl bromide, a gas that is especially harmful to humans and the seabed. More than three years after the firstinvestigative … Read more