How to save energy from your washing machine? Our tips for washing clothes in an ecological way!

économie énergie machine à laver température idéale réduire les dépenses énergétiques

In recent months, bills have increased significantly and will only increase in the coming months, presenting difficulties for many people around the world. Therefore, it is essential to know how to save not only money, but also electricity. So how do you succeed in this often difficult task? Where exactly to start? For the washing … Read more

Second-hand stores, recovery, customization… our anti-waste bible

Second-hand stores, recovery, customization... our anti-waste bible

Second-hand store networks for a more sustainable fashion Last year, 51% more second-hand clothing was sold (compared to 2020), a sign of our willingness to consume more responsibly and spend less. We started thanks to second-hand shops, which make thecircular economy and act for social and professional integration, as BIS Boutique Solidaire (, in Paris, … Read more

the twenty bars of Valérie Pécresse

the twenty bars of Valérie Pécresse

Livio Ferrero 04/06/2022 at 23:59 Here are the 30 key measures in Valérie Pécresse’s program for the 2022 presidential election. Public policies: retirement at 65, exemption from inheritance tax and fewer civil servants Social security benefits: What’s next after this announcement? Reestablish the universality of family allowances and childcare supplements for families. Deductions for double … Read more