Environment. Can we predict the climate crisis?

Environment.  Can we predict the climate crisis?

“Who could have predicted the wave of inflation thus unleashed? Or the climate crisis with spectacular effects again this summer in our country? » By questioning himself in this way during his 2023 wishes to the French, Emmanuel Macron made several scientists react. “These questions are not serious”, also judges Michel Lussault. This geographer is … Read more

The director of the Environment challenges his accusation in the case of toxic bottles

La directrice de l’Environnement conteste sa mise en examen dans l’affaire des bonbonnes toxiques

Tahiti, January 17, 2023 – The investigation chamber examined on Tuesday the appeals for annulment of the accusations presented by the director of the Environment, Miri Tatarata, and her deputy director, Etienne Taramini, in the case of the submerged toxic boats in January 2019 at the Kura Ora II. Decision of February 14. Processed on … Read more

Environment. A ribbed forest landscaped to better control the flow of water, near Dieppe

A Thil-Manneville (Seine-Maritime), un bois billonnant est crée pour mieux gérer le flux de l

Through Maxime Cartier Published in 7 Jan 23 at 5:38 PM Dieppe Information see my news Follow this medium In Thil-Manneville, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), a grooved forest has been created to better manage the flow of water. (© Les Informations Dieppoises) One grooved wood what? It is a ecological operation which consists of the alternation … Read more

Environment: The second report on environmental governance and sustainable development is validated

Environment: The second report on environmental governance and sustainable development is validated

Ouagadougou hosts this December 28, 2022 the national workshop for the validation of the second report on environmental governance and sustainable development. This report is a tool to capitalize on the different actions carried out within the framework of promoting sustainable development. It also contains guidelines for stakeholders and strong recommendations for decision makers, technical … Read more

Men and women see different possibilities of acting in the same domestic environment

Le gouvernement britannique ouvre un nouveau centre de test COVID à Renfrew

Philosophers seeking to answer questions about inequality in housework and the invisibility of women’s work in the home have proposed a new theory that society trains men and women to see different possibilities for agency in the same home environment. They say that a view called “satisfaction theory,” according to which we experience objects and … Read more

local residents are concerned and the company wants to reassure


This is a project that is causing concern among some neighbors who live near the Ipackchem plant. This company based in Saint-Victor-sur-Loire, in the Loire, manufactures plastic cans for professionals And it plans to manufacture a fluoride production unit at its facilities, instead of importing it from abroad as is currently done. fluorine, very toxic … Read more