Traditional shallot from Brittany: “The IGP is a decisive step” – Economy

Traditional shallot from Brittany: "The IGP is a decisive step" - Economy

IGP for Protected Geographical Indication. These three letters are gaining a reputation, catching up with their AOC and AOP (Controlled/Protected Designation of Origin) neighbors signs of quality… Traditional shallot collective from Brittany calling for a PGI, the comparison was already on everyone’s mind, Regarding the “Roscoff onion”, grown a few kilometers away: “But I did … Read more

China’s economy sends new worrying signals

Pandémie, canicule... L'économie chinoise peine à sortir de la crise.

Good news from China is rare. The country, which has multiplied its poor economic performance in recent months, announced again on Wednesday a contraction in its manufacturing activity in August. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) came in at 49.4 points, slightly better than in July (49) and slightly above expectations (49.2). It remains below 50, … Read more

China: How the drought is affecting the Chinese economy

secheresse chine

Record temperatures and a severe drought in west-central China have crippled hydroelectric power generation and caused many factories to close, the latest blow to a Chinese economy that already has stagnant consumer spending and a housing market. deeply affected. Sichuan province in west-central China, one of China’s most populous and fast-growing industrial bases in recent … Read more

What fuel economy?


Physically, when a car travels in a straight line on a level road, three forces oppose its free movement: the friction of the tires on the road, mechanical friction, and air resistance. From the point of view of speed variation, tire rolling resistance and mechanical friction do not vary. The rolling resistance force of tires, … Read more

How to make money in a down economy

How to make money in a down economy

Poor Jean was stunned, so stunned he didn’t understand. His mind was shattered and his heart was broken, without him even realizing why. No, I don’t think so, laughs Merry. But that’s another story, which can wait until after lunch. Miss Betsey asked, as she had been silent for a while, and the nodding gradually … Read more