Luxury car, driver and entertainment in Miami and New York with Fun Luxury Rides!

“You don’t have to be a celebrity to ride like a star.” This is the motto of Fun Luxury Rides, and it sets the tone! Specialized in passenger transport, Fun Luxury Rides (FLR) offers tailor-made services for individuals and companies who wish to take a trip with a private driver, luxury car, concierge service, but above all in a pleasant and fun environment.

Mike Harper (aka Jean-Renaud Adda in civilian life!) created a concept in Miami and New York that revolutionized passenger transportation: Fun and luxurious rides. It offers Francophones (but not only!) VIP transportation… with integrated entertainment! With fun fancy rides, you are not booking a simple taxi ride, but a unique experience with a luxurious, comfortable and safe car (Tesla model X, Aston Martin DB9, BMW 3 Series convertible, Cadillac Escalade, Jeep Grand Cherokee), punctual, considerate and friendly private driver that will make you spend a moment out of time. These “driver-entertainers” are also selected according to specific criteria: professional conduct, ability to provide exceptional customer service, a taste for communication or entertainment, excellent general knowledge, even a standout personality.

The “big plus” of the concept: guaranteed relaxation, conviviality and entertainment. But the atmosphere is à la carte. You choose the style of travel you want. “Whether you want to have fun, laugh, have a serious discussion about the economy or just relax with music and be calm, we adapt to your mood of the moment.” And a selfie with a luxury car in Manhattan or Miami does not lack style! The company offers “classic” transportation (airport, home, office, shopping in the city, children at school), for special occasions (proms, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays), with particular atmospheres or themes (personalized music, karaoke, stand up comedy), and a concierge service to make the moment even more extraordinary.

“The idea was born from several observations. Passenger transport is still in high demand in the city, but customer service transport companies It has deteriorated a lot in recent years. We’ve all had to deal with a taciturn driver who barely says hello, won’t help load your large suitcase into your car, or cancels your trip while waiting for you at the airport. And so why should a car trip be boring, why not turn a moment in traffic into a pleasure? “. According to Mike Harper, “We all need to relax, even have fun in our daily lives. And let’s go crazy, what if luxury was also part of the experience? “.

You can book (by the hour, depending on the desired service) by phone, WhatsApp, Instagram or the web (24/7 availability). Each request is processed extremely quickly and is the subject of a tailor-made proposal. “But who says VIP transport, does not mean exorbitant price”, says Mike Harper. “We practice fixed and reasonable prices, because we want trips in a luxury car with a driver and a high-end service available to everyone and, above all, to make each customer happy. with us you don’t have You have to be a celebrity to ride like a star! “.

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Chauffeurs and luxury cars in Miami (and South Florida) New York, NJ, Long Island
Chauffeurs and luxury cars in Miami (and South Florida) New York, NJ, Long Island

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