Lescure-d’Albigeois. The 23 Tarn health center has come into service in Lescure

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The 23rd Maison de santé du Tarn entered into service last September in Lescure-d’Albigeois. Counting shortly with 3 doctors and a team delighted with their coordination.

“We have managed to create a nursing home in Lescure. Soon we will have to think about expanding,” says Dr. Fabienne Calvièrère-Lano with a smile. Coordinator doctor of the nearby nursing home, this doctor who has lived in Lescure since 2000 remained the only doctor for a long time. Today, she is one of two GPs (a third is expected in April) working at Lescure Health Centre. Just as convinced of a forthcoming expansion, Dr. Jacques Urbain, originally from Luxembourg, chose the Tarn 6 years ago. Installed for the first time in a practice in Albi, he now seems delighted to work in this new place. As a liberal but not alone, surrounded by a midwife, nurses, podiatrists and a psychologist. “I do a lot of pediatrics. When I have questions about gynecology, I knock next door,” explains Dr. Urbain, pointing to Pascale Larnaud, the team’s midwife. A substitute for a long time in Albi and Castres, the latter enjoys, since the opening of the Health Center last September, “to be able to work in a network… My activity is safer and more secure than if I were alone in the office”. ” she confesses.

Against medical deserts

While waiting for the official inauguration in spring, Christophe Ramond, president of the department, visited this new health group on Wednesday, also made up of three nurses, two of them in advanced practice, qualified to manage complex care, two podiatrists and a psychologist.

“We are waging a fierce fight against medical deserts… Nothing can justify the absence of care”, insists Christophe Ramond. As part of a plan launched in 2018, the department allocates 2 million euros a year to finance healthcare equipment.

“The city made the land available and invested €600,000, the State contributed €115,000 and the department €100,000. The rest is loan and self-financing”, details Elisabeth Claverie, mayor of Lescure and vice-president of the department.

Physicians and Practice Supervisors

“The project was launched in 2020. It took 2 and a half years and today it is a relief to already have two 45-year-old doctors, very invested and practice supervisors”, greets the mayor, recalling that the city continues to own the building.

It is the 23rd health center in the Tarn, the 11th created since 2018. “Everything was to launch the dynamics”, summarizes Dr. Etienne Moulin, departmental advisor in charge of health and main actor in this Health Plan. “We are convinced that coordinated exercise is the future. It saves time for professionals and ensures the patient’s journey,” says Corinne Calaciura-Lenormand for ARS. Which should soon sign an agreement to help the operation with this multi-sanitary house.

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