Aspiring nurses in the delivery room: Dubé promises a safe environment for pregnant women

Minister Christian Dubé promises a safe environment for pregnant women, although he now authorizes candidates for the nursing profession (CEPI) to work in the delivery room as part of a pilot project.

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“It is very clear that we will not make concessions on security, that, people have to understand that!” The Minister of Health launched on Wednesday, in a brief interview with our Parliamentary Office.

Due to labor shortages, the Legault government gave the green light to a pilot project that was to last a year, allowing CEPIs to work with women giving birth and their newborn babies in Sainte-Justine and at the ‘Hospital Jewish general.

However, this practice was banned in 2016, after a tragedy. A “fact” investigated by the coroner that caused the death of a woman who was giving birth led the OIIQ to prohibit the professional activities of CEPIs in the delivery room.

It should be noted that CEPIs are nurses who have obtained their university degree, but who have not yet passed the professional examination of the Order of Quebec Nurses (OIIQ) or obtained their permit to practice.

“Non-negotiable” supervision

Minister Dubé assures that the pairing of aspiring nurses with an experienced professional is “non-negotiable”. “Safety is paramount and there should always be an experienced nurse there,” she insisted.

However, he believes that this permission granted to the CEPIs will interest young professionals in obstetrics units, who are struggling with the shortage of nursing personnel.

“When young nurses attend the birth, it makes you want to go back and live this experience, which is still a very interesting experience,” pleads Christian Dubé.

The Minister does not hide his desire to extend this practice, currently limited in the framework of a pilot project, to the entire health network. “But I want to have results before,” he adds an eye for an eye.

Not “optimal”, according to QS

The Parti Québécois and the Liberals want to give the runner-up a chance. “We cannot blame the government for exploring certain paths, so I dare to hope that it will be done rigorously, obviously, in the rules of the art,” argued Parti Québécois deputy Joël Arseneau in particular.

For Québec solidaire, making up for the lack of obstetrics labor with young nurses is far from “optimal”. Deputy Vincent Marissal calls for caution.

“Remember that this idea has been considered too risky in the past. Therefore, we hope that this pilot project will have very strict supervision and that there will be enough trainers in the field, ”he underlines.

Solidarity demands a new perinatal policy with an expanded practice of midwives.

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