Dead Space Remake difficulty: which mode to choose for the best gaming experience

Dead Space Remake has just been released this January 27th and it’s time to conquer the USG Ishimura again in this revisited version made in 2023. There are many difficulties available to test your skills throughout the adventure, and if possible complete the story Easily by Hissing Necromorphs, the game is also capable of giving you a hard time, especially if you are fond of 100% completion where you will have to rub yourself in impossible mode.

You choose a difficulty when creating your game, and it is possible to change it during the game EXCEPT for Impossible mode, a bit more complex. In this guide, we detail all the ways to play Dead Space according to your goals.

History mode

In this difficulty, absolutely everything is made for you to have a good time if all you care about is the script. You deal massive amounts of damage, making your ammo a plentiful commodity, taking much less damage, and your oxygen supply lasting longer in space phases. Also, your hit points increase on their own, and the necromorphs are so slow and weak that they seem more like cuddly bears than bloody menaces.

A way to prioritize if you are a neophyte in the world of video games, or if you want to quickly battle the Dead Space scenario without any headache.

Easy way

In easy mode, you will already have more of the impression of having a real gaming experience, but with relatively low challenge. You’ll likely choose this mode if you’re not a regular gamer or if aiming in third-person shooters isn’t necessarily obvious to you. In fact, this difficulty will give you more room for error, since enemies will be less rushed to jump on you, plus Isaac deals more damage and suffers less than in normal mode.

dead space remake

normal mode

Normal difficulty is what we recommend if you’re used to playing JV in general, without being a god of aim, especially on a controller (on PC, starting on hard mode may be considered). The game will be a good mix between inventory management and challenge for some fights, you’ll usually finish the game with a few kills, without getting stuck for 3 hours with a given boss. A very well judged default mode.

dead space remake

hard mode

Hard Mode is a simple extension of Normal Mode, where you’ll take more damage and do a lot less. You will have the same ammo and credits drop rate, but you will have to use them very well and not waste them, since the necromorphs will require more resources from you to defeat them than in normal mode. A pretty high mode on consoles and dynamic on PC to consider if you are comfortable with gaming and shooters in general.

dead space remake

impossible mode

Dead Space’s Really Big Challenge, which will give you a hard time if you are determined to complete the game 100%, since one of the trophies is completing the game on Impossible. More commonly known as Hardcore mode in the JV world, it can only be activated when creating your game and rewards you with a unique trophy, outfit, and weapon if you are successful.

Impossible Mode has the same damage setup as Hard Mode, but only has a health bar, one save slot, and auto saves are disabled. If you die, it’s the end of your Impossible adventure, and you will have to start over or continue on Hard mode. A real challenge that will ask you to be precise and never die, from the first to the last second. Only available in the classic game and not in New Game+.

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