Catherine Laborde comes out of silence and talks about her health: “It is difficult to live”

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The emblematic presenter of the weather on TF1 spoke about her fight against the disease with her husband during an interview with our colleagues from Mujer Actual.

Catherine Laborde is one of the flagship weather presenters of TF1. On January 1, 2017, it was with great emotion that the host said goodbye to the viewers in her last bulletin. The following year, the one who for a long time was the rain and the sun on the first television channel was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Soon after, it finally emerged that the woman, now 71, actually suffers from Lewy body dementia.

In 2020, Catherine Laborde agreed to entrust her fight against the disease to the microphone of our colleagues at seven to eight. Since then, his appearances have become increasingly rare in the media. It is in particular her husband, Thomas Stern, who gives news of his wife of almost 5 years or even of her sister.

What comes after this announcement?

Catherine Laborde: “Fear is the proximity of the end”

This Friday, January 27, 2023, the television host agreed to entrust our co-workers with her husband’s company. current woman. Catherine Laborde speaks openly about her fight against the disease, explaining that the latter does not require particularly courage but above all “endure, do not crack, do not resign”.

“We slowly go down into something very painful and then we come back up again,” he explains to Femme Actuelle. And to add: “Like a roller coaster, poof, you fall back and it’s hard to live with that.” Catherine Laborde leads this fight against Lewy body dementia as a couple.

Indeed, her husband is in charge of managing the daily tasks to lighten the weight on the shoulders of this television woman. Size support. “I realize how complicated it is for him (…) it is not a reason for joy”, admits. For his part, Thomas Stern does not hide the difficulties he has had to face since his wife is not well. “The anger, we swallow it”explains the one who admits to having already thought of “flee” in the face of the situation, without ever executing. Well surrounded, Catherine Laborde confesses, however, that she is afraid of death: “The fear is the proximity of the end, it is a banal fear. What helps me to endure and not resign myself is the importance that we have to continue together ”. A moving testimony during which the weather presenter was in charge of declaring her love to her husband once again.

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