Arles-sur-Tech – Culture and heritage: real challenges for the city and its inhabitants

In charge of culture in the city, Ingrid Dunyach, first deputy mayor of Arles-sur-Tech, takes stock of the actions carried out last year and presents the projects for 2023: “2022 will be marked by the works that are carried out in the Palau. It is an important building for our heritage.” Today, the building is saved and updated. The development carried out puts it well in value. The abbey, the town hall, the post office, the park and the gardens now form a beautiful ensemble. The garden area in the entrance courtyard has been redesigned and the works are nearing completion. “Finally, we began the study for the works of the abbey on the repair of the roof of the church and the pavement of the cloister that suffer serious infiltrations. We commission a project office to carry out a diagnosis that must be returned in the spring. After this inventory of elements that will allow the work to be quantified, we will launch the tender. They must be carried out by approved companies, knowing that the monument is classified. It’s a great project! . This year, the rest of the plans are to remodel the Palau store with new furniture and provide the rooms with showcases and picture frames to exhibit works, with the aim of highlighting local artists. “The year’s program is complete and we start it with Jaqe Chambon, an artist from Prats-de-Mollo who will present his contemporary vision of the bear and our festivals until mid-February in the well room. At the same time, the departmental archives lend us their exhibition on the women of Roussillon. The council’s policy is to offer Arles residents as many free events as possible and cover the cost of services accordingly. In 2022, we especially welcomed the circuits of Cortes and Cie Alma, which presented two shows: Next to the plaza plaque in the area and Micheline for the Withdrawal. In 2023, like this year, the city was selected by the Department for Tous au spectacle. These decisions are made by our cultural and heritage committee. The social center organizes workshops, the traditional activities go to the party committee chaired by Raymond Martinez and we participate together in the reflection group with Marie-Rose Bouisset for the programming of the Chapters”.

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