Carcassonne. A health center with a new dental practice in ZI du Pont Rouge

the essential
The Ecouter Voir store, specializing in optics and hearing, was already present in the Pont Rouge Industrial Zone in Carcassonne. But it has had a remodeling to integrate six months ago, the new health center developed by the Mutualité Française Grand Sud. The latter integrates a dental practice in full development.

“There everything is order and beauty, Luxury, calm and voluptuousness”. Baudelaire’s famous phrase could almost be applied to the dental office installed since last August in the Espace Xenon, located in the Pont Rouge industrial estate in Carcassonne. As soon as you walk through the door, the combination of light wood and the very trendy dark green color of the walls sets the tone. The facility is brand new and has been set up to soothe the anxious patient at the thought of potentially painful care and generally to promote the “customer (or patient) journey” in the modern marketing concept focused on improving your experience.

looking for dentists

Open since mid-August 2022, the dental office developed by the Mutualité Française Grand Sud (MFGS) quickly found its place, despite the presence of liberal offices in the building next door. The dentist Olivier Jeannin, who chose to work on behalf of the Mutualité, explains it in particular by “the quality of the work tool. It’s great, we’re very well established and it’s something you can hardly dream of when you’re a liberal. After that, all that’s left is to find practitioners to come support me, because it’s been six months since we started and we’re already saturated.” In fact, it is difficult for the MFGS to attract professionals attached to their independence, despite the investments induced by self-creation. “However, it’s ideal for young professionals coming out of university, who don’t necessarily have the means to establish themselves as liberals or to buy a patient base, and who may be getting started in mutual insurance, or for dentists who want to have an end of a more “serene” race, considers Dr. Jeannin. The mutual is still looking for two physicians to complete the team, and for whom the treatment rooms are already fully equipped.

The quality of the service provided is also at the heart of the other two sectors, optics and hearing aids. In our commercial policy, billing does not take precedence, it is people. We work in compliance with a quality certification, which we fully implement at our service“, underlines Didier Dillenschneider, sector director of MFGS, which covers the equivalent of the former Languedoc Roussillon region. Here again, the concept of “customer journey” has been placed at the center of the organization of the new Ecouter Voir store mutualist, it was moved a few meters and expanded, to form, with the new dental office, a real health center. Didier Dillenschneider explains: “We are in the process of setting up the same concept in Claira north of Perpignan, and we are also opening a store in the Pyrénées-Orientales, where we did not have one. This is the interest of the mutual: part of the profits are reinvested in the opening of stores. Our interest is to be able to mesh as many regions as possible.” In fact, the Ecouter Voir brand website highlights the “more than 750 optical stores and 420 hearing centers in France, that is, almost 1,200 points of sale in total” that the brand brings together. And Didier Dillenschneider, to highlight the cost of the optical frames, much lower than the competition. “By our values, we are significantly cheaper than the competition. Our frames start at 22 euros and reach a maximum of 195 euros. We do not refer to luxury brands, which do not allow us to distribute their products for less than 300 or 400 euros, and that is prohibited. It reduces our attractiveness, that’s for sure. But we have just negotiated with Kering, the company that distributes Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci or Chloé, marks around 200 euros maximum”. A policy that still seems to satisfy the customer-patient base, as evidenced by the turnout seen in the store that day.

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