The director of the Environment challenges his accusation in the case of toxic bottles

Tahiti, January 17, 2023 – The investigation chamber examined on Tuesday the appeals for annulment of the accusations presented by the director of the Environment, Miri Tatarata, and her deputy director, Etienne Taramini, in the case of the submerged toxic boats in January 2019 at the Kura Ora II. Decision of February 14.

Processed on April 11 in the case of the toxic cylinders submerged in the Kura Ora II, the director of the Environment, Miri Tatarata, intervened this Tuesday in the investigation room that examined her request to cancel said examination. Although the Advocate General opposed this request, Miri Tatarata’s lawyer, Me Loris Peytavit, said Tahiti Information at the end of the hearing that there was currently nothing implicating his client in this file: “We consider that it was appropriate to raise the nullity of the accusation because we consider that in terms of the current elements of the file and as they appeared at the time of the accusation, there are no serious and concordant indications that allow my client to be interrogated and accused of the charges of this case”.

The lawyer also explained that his client was “absent from the territory” during the immersion of the Kura Ora II and that “decisions had been signed and decrees issued by other administrative agents” and not by your client. According to Me Peytavit, Miri Tatarata “it was not processing files on a daily basis”. “The only material element that is imputed to him is having been copied from emails exchanged. This is not a sufficient indication in my opinion to accuse someone if it is not corroborated by other elements.

administrative license

The investigative chamber also examined on Tuesday the request for annulment of the accusation of the deputy director of Diren, Etienne Taramini. As he explained to Tahiti Informationhis lawyer, Me Gilles Jourdainne, believes that “Your client’s involvement in the case does not justify your prosecution at this stage of the proceedings” and that placement under assisted witness status would suffice “widely”. According to the lawyer, from the elements of the file it appears that Etienne Taramini only intervened “very punctually on the occasion of the two months of administrative leave of one of the protagonists of the file”. The instruction room will make its decision on February 14.

“general consensus”

Recall that this case of marine pollution broke out in January 2019 when empty canisters of methyl bromide, an ultra-toxic product banned in France since 2005, were discovered floating on the surface between Tahiti and Moorea. The investigations carried out by the gendarmes had established that these boats had surfaced after being submerged in a coastal ship, the Kura Ura II. It was quickly learned that they belonged to the Department of Biosafety and that the immersion of the boat had been carried out completely illegally.

It should be noted that in addition to Miri Tatarata and Etienne Taramini, the former deputy director of the Biosafety Department, Rodolphe Putoa, the Diren dive manager, Claude Serra, the former commander of the Autonomous Port, François Chaumette, and the port director, Jean- Paul Le Caill are accused. In this case, the Gendarmerie investigators had warned that the immersion of the cylinders was under a “general consensus of those involved in illegally dumping waste, incidentally with maritime pollution, without regard to safety regulations”.


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