The creation of a health center in the center of the wishes of the municipality

In the presence of a large crowd, the mayor, Alain Giovinazzo, and the municipal council presented their wishes to the population. The elected official first mentioned the Covid years and all the limitations of it, then gave an update on the environment and the difficulty of developing a Plu. “For twenty years, the legal texts that govern urban planning have been increasingly restrictive and imply a considerable reduction in the consumption of agricultural and natural space. From 50 buildable ha, we went to 8 ha. The development of a Plu is the result of long work between the municipality and the State services for the sake of the general interest, the mere will of a mayor is not enough.

Alain Giovinazzo devoted a long chapter to access to care, particularly in small towns, evoking the local project. “The village pharmacist is considering a project to create a medical center with a pharmacy in order to provide quality medical care. The current facilities of the doctors and the pharmacy are inadequate and no longer up to the task. This project of general interest would guarantee a lasting medical and paramedical presence while generating new jobs.”

Litigation to come with the sub-prefecture

The Fileris health group supports this project that would bring together its doctors and has the favorable opinion of the departmental council for access from RD 904 as well as the departmental commission for the conservation of natural areas. But “unfortunately, the Prefectural services refused the building permit claiming that the Plu of the commune was not completed.

The municipality made the decision to repeal the rule and authorize the mayor to issue the building permit. “The sub-prefect of Alès asked me to withdraw the decree authorizing the building license, otherwise a lawsuit would be initiated before the administrative jurisdiction.” The municipality chose to persist in its decision to grant the permit and requested the services of a lawyer to defend it.

Alain Giovinazzo unveiled the projects for 2023. Such as the lighting of the Alain-Pascal stadium, the installation of video protection, the feasibility study for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the school, but also the completion of the work on the old temple or the repair of the entrance patio to the Fernand-Léger room.

During the year, the town recorded eleven newborns, seven marriages and ten Pacs. “We have a special thought for the eighteen people who have left us.” Don’t forget to have a word for newcomers. “I wish you a harmonious integration through the thirty local associations.”

Next, the first councilor paid tribute to the actors in local and associative life. “I thank the many people who, with tenacity and modesty, dedicate their time, are the essential link for good coexistence.”

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