In Congo-Brazzaville, insertion by mushrooms

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Deaf people are among the vulnerable strata in Congo-Brazzaville. The Future Challenge Foundation has decided to train them in miciculture. They learn to grow mushrooms to become entrepreneurs and ensure their empowerment.

In the scientific city of Brazzaville, in the heart of a natural forest, behind a mushroom house still under construction, a deaf man turns and stirs wood chips with the help of a shovel. The chip is this material that he uses with his teammates. They mix it with wheat bran, flour, corn and mycelium to produce mushrooms.

Production is a process of which pasteurization is the last step. Dieu Merci Doubou, the trainer for people with hearing disabilities, explains it here: “ It is about pasteurization that consists of neutralizing the microorganisms that compete with the mycelium, to avoid competitors when we are going to make the butter. It is at this level that it is necessary to significantly reduce these pathogenic organisms or microorganisms that are present, so that they do not interfere with the growth of the mycelium. »

It was during the training that Dieu Merci Doubou discovered the adaptability of people with hearing disabilities: ” They have enormous potential that some people without disabilities do not have. We think of training them because they are people we can value. »

On the pilot farm, oyster mushrooms are already growing. They are irrigated, harvested and sold. The amount is certainly even less important, but the goal of the Future Challenge Foundation is to give these vulnerable boys and girls the tools to become great entrepreneurs. ” There will be a lot of support in terms of personal development, indicates the engineer Tsengué-Tsengué, first person in charge of the foundation. There will be management training. There will also be support in commercial terms; then relations with public authorities. We want you to be successful. »

Nathan Kianguébéné is one of those trained. He would like other partners to join the Future Challenge Foundation to promote training on a large scale: “ To do a good job, we need materials. You yourselves know that people living with disabilities are among the vulnerable. It means we have many needs. »

The hearing impaired became mushroom growers after two weeks of training. But, the initiation to the entrepreneurship will require more time and important investments, according to the trainers.


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