Cyril Hanouna puts on a cape on France TV and Radio France

Screenshot C8 TPMP Cyril Hanouna once again criticized France Télévisions and Radio France on January 17, 2023 on “TPMP”.

Screenshot C8 TPMP

Cyril Hanouna once again criticized France Télévisions and Radio France on January 17, 2023 on “TPMP”.

TELEVISION – Cyril Hanouna returns to the fray. In the day to day of his show. don’t touch my post, the host of C8 again denounced this Tuesday, January 17, the amount assigned to the public service media for its operation. This time, she particularly attacked Radio France.

“Yesterday I said that the State gave 4,000 million euros a year for the public service, but the whole world retained the televisions of France. (…) But French television on the edge doesn’t bother me, I love Delphine Ernotte, the head of French television”started the one whose program was first broadcast on France 4.

“What annoys me and you know it is Radio France. Radio France, France inter, which are in process every month… they do things with their audiences! Luckily they have an audience, they don’t advertise! France inter are proud to be ahead of RTL, it is normal that they do not have any advertisement. We do remove all the ads that we are in front of TF1 ”adds Cyril Hanouna. Note that the head of the channel, Vincent Bolloré, also owns Europa 1, which has been plummeting in terms of viewership for several years.

Cyril Hanouna “has gone too far” for Delphine Ernotte

And the presenter to choose his favorite frequencies: “So me, France bleu, I love it, it’s great. That must be maintained. Information from France too. The rest, you have to see, but you realize, seven public service radio stations are 650 million euros a year. » If you say you don’t want to criticize France Télévisions, “At some point, when you’re in the shit, you have to see where you can get some money”insist again.

These back-to-back tirades follow an interview with Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak in The world published on Monday, in which he talks about the financial difficulties of the culture. Consulted about complaints from the TPMP to Arcom, the audiovisual police officer also considered that it was necessary “Empower presenters, columnists, but also channel owners, to remind them that the authorization to use their frequencies for free entails obligations, such as handling legal cases with moderation, respecting the pluralism of opinions..

The day before, the executive director of Radio France, Sibyle Veil, had criticized Cyril Hanouna’s first monologue and denounced “the stress relief society” sharing the excerpt. At the time these lines are being written, she has not reacted again. During the day, Delphine Ernotte for her part felt that the host had “I’ve been too far”. “I don’t quite understand where it comes from”, said on the sidelines of a symposium, reports The Parisian.

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