Until what age do healthy people live in France?

LIFE EXPECTANCY. In France, the retirement age has been delayed in the new reform presented by Elisabeth Borne on January 10, 2023. Up to what age do we enjoy good health? And in Europe? Definition of healthy life expectancy and figures for men and women.

[Mis à jour le 12 janvier 2023 à 17h54] He pension reform was presented on January 10, 2023 at a press conference held by Elizabeth Borneprime minister of Emmanuel’s government macron. According to executive statements, thethe legal retirement age will be 64 in 2030 (against 62 years today) and it will be necessary to have 43 years from 2027 instead of 2035 for a full pension. Therefore, many French people will have to work longer. Of headlight indicators and recurring debates about the retirement age: healthy life expectancypublished each year by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). This indicator is important to define the retirement age because it allows us to know if, in general, we can expect be in good health to enjoy your retirement. Which is the exact definition ? To which age in france ? In other european countries ?

Definition: What is life expectancy in good health?

The “healthy life expectancy”, also called “disability-free life expectancy” or “hope for health” is a social indicator which refers to the national welfare. corresponds the number of years a person can expect to live without a disability in activities of daily living, defines the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) which depends on the Ministry of Health. the finished it’s been talked about for years 1960. This indicator is taken into account in particular in public policy evaluation. It is one of the indicators selected to monitor the implementation and achievement of the sustainable development goals of theUN Agenda 2030. The Director General of the WHO in 1997 (when “disability-free” life expectancy became part of the work of the European Commission and the OECD), Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, stated that “healthy life expectancy is more important than life expectancy [car] without quality of life, increased longevity is of little valuewe can read on the site of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).

What is the healthy life expectancy age for men in France?

According to 2019 data (updated in April 2021) from INSEE based on calculations from the European statistical agency Eurostatthe age of healthy life expectancy in men is 63.7 years in France.

What is the healthy life expectancy age for women in France?

According to 2019 data (updated April 2021) from INSEE based on Eurostat calculations, the age of healthy life expectancy for women is 64.6 years in France.

Life expectancy curves at birth and healthy life expectancy at birth, in France and in the EU-27 © Insee.fr

What is the healthy life expectancy in Europe?

Healthy life expectancy (updated to 2021)
Country Men Women
Germany 65.4 67.1
Austria 56.7 58
Belgium 62.1 62.8
Bulgaria 64.4 68.4
Cyprus 62.1 63
Croatia 56.4 58.5
Denmark 59 58.8
Spain 69.4 70.4
Estonia 53.9 57.7
Finland 57.7 54.8
France 63.7 64.6
Greece 65.6 66.4
Hungary 60.7 62.8
Ireland 68.6 70.5
Italy 68.1 68.6
latvia 52.2 54.1
Lithuania 56 59.1
Luxembourg 63.2 61.9
malt 72.9 73.5
Netherlands 62.5 59.4
Poland 60.9 64.1
Portugal 60.6 57.8
Czech Republic 61.7 62.6
Romania 59.9 60.6
Slovakia 56 56.3
Slovenia 60.8 61.2
Sweden 73.8 72.7
Europe of 27 64.2 65.1

Source Eurostat, Eurostat method applied to data from the European Union survey – Statistics on income and living conditions (EU – SILC) / INSEE website.

Healthy life expectancy is calculated from complete mortality data for a country, by sex and age. These data (from Drees, Insee, Eurostat, EurOhex) are then crossed with another parameter, that of the existence or not ofa pathology perceived as disabling over time by the affected person. This parameter is evaluated through a declarative survey that consists of answering “No”, “A little” or “A lot” to the question “Have you been limited, for at least six months, by a health problem, in the activities that people usually do?” As a result, the life expectancy in good health has limits since it is linked to a partially subjective assessment. Furthermore, healthy life expectancy would be calculated from a sample of only 16,000 respondents.

Sources: Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics, Ministry of Solidarity and Health / INSEE: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies,

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