The five initiatives of the week for the environment

In France and around the world, efforts are needed to reconcile the economy and the environment. Here are the five green initiatives of the week.

TRANSPORTATION In the city, the bicycle continues to gain ground

With an 8% increase in its use since 2021, from 31% since 2019, according to the latest Vélo & Territoires newsletter, the bicycle continues gain ground. For the association, which records this information thanks to a fleet of 205 “representative” meters, shared with the National Assistance Platform, this evaluation is mainly due to professionals in urban areas. In this environment, Vélo & Territoires notes an increase of 10% compared to 2021, especially during the week. Some cities stand out in particular: the Dunkerque agglomeration (+20% since 2021), the metropolises of Strasbourg (+18%) and Grenoble (+17%) or even Grand-Annecy (+17%). With modest increases of 4%, Bordeaux and Cannes are lagging behind. But for rods, the effort is still considerable, since it will have gained 63% since 2019.

BIODIVERSITY ➡ Protected species demolish the Val Tolosa shopping center project

This is a fatal decision for the shopping center project located in the town of Plaisance-du-Touch (Haute-Garonne), on the outskirts of Toulouse. On December 27, 2022, the State Council rejected the appeal of the two companies executing the project in the litigation related to the prefectural decree of July 12, 2017 that authorizes the destruction of specimens of 46 protected species. This decree had been challenged by three environmental protection associations.

CLEAN TECH ➡ Morfo consolidates its capital for the restoration of biodiversity

The French startup Morfo raises 4 million euros to strengthen its teams and become a world leader in the reforestation of tropical areas using drones. In Morfo, drones are piloted to revive biodiversity. Founded in 2021 by Adrien Pages, Hugo Asselin and Pascal Asselin, the startup completes its first €4 million fundraiser with Demeter and RAISE Ventures, as well as AFI Ventures, TeamPact Ventures. This round of funding will allow climatetech to strengthen its teams around the world and continue the deployment of its drone reforestation solution.

WATER ➡ New Projections Show Glaciers Melting Faster

The melting of glaciers would be more important than previous studies suggested. Scientists from an international team, in a study published in Scienceon January 5, 2023, estimated that the mass loss of glaciers would thus be between 14 and 23% higher than previous projections, in particular those that fed the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A worrisome finding for the balance of ecosystems regarding our current organization. ” Mountain glaciers, perennial ice masses excluding the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, are a resource essential water for nearly two billion people,” recall the researchers at the beginning of their study.

ENERGY ➡ A “100% made in Europe” charging station

A Savoy company has developed a hybrid charging station for electric vehicles capable of operating in solar self-consumption. Created in 2019, Oscaro Power aspires to become the European leader in solutions for the home with solar energy. The company based in Saint-Baldoph (Savoie) offers tailor-made photovoltaic solutions (kits, solar panels, accessories, etc.) for you to install yourself. The objective of this pure player greentech is “to democratize access to photovoltaic energy…

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