After “Plus belle la vie”, France Télévisions’ “Déter” will be shot in Brittany

French television studio

French television studio

France Télévisions will shoot the series “Déter’” (provisional title) in Brittany starting in April.

TV SERIES – France Télévisions goes from south to west. But will the group experience the same success as that achieved by life is more beautiful, the mythical series that has been broadcast for almost 20 years and that fans come to say goodbye to? It is the challenge that awaits you decide (working title), the new daily series in preparation.

During a press conference organized this Thursday, January 12, at the regional council of Brittany and broadcast by France 3 Bretagne, the public audiovisual group announced that this project will illustrate the life of a group of young people enrolled in an agricultural secondary school. And to be faithful to the script, the filming will take place at the agricultural high school of the Saint-Exupéry group, in Etrelles, (Ille-et-Vilaine). The establishment has not received any students since 2019.

The first chapters of the series co-produced with Black Sheep Films, which could be broadcast from October, will be shot from April. And the casting has already begun. The production has already opened a casting call in the Brittany region and another in the Paris region. ” Around the five central characters, there will be a lot of young people to gravitate to: a lot of students obviously, comrades…”, explained the production.

channel not yet known

In addition the series is called for the moment decide‘. A provisional name that perhaps refers to the word “determined” that would therefore qualify the main characters and that also refers to the earth, the central subject. According to Tomas Matteis, deputy director of Studio, “ there will be humor, romance, suspense. The difficulties of the farmers will not be forgotten either”.

to the difference life is more beautiful, decide It will be released in two versions. One 35-minute long episode on television (neither the channel nor the schedule has been announced) and 5 short 7-minute episodes on the internet. France 3 Bretagne reports that 200 short episodes are planned against 40 long versions. A second season is even planned.

This way of dividing the episodes is not insignificant for France Télévisions. It has already happened with France. The adaptation of the Norwegian series has embarked on a new digital storytelling. Fragments of episodes were available every day on the France TV Slash platform and YouTube before full episodes were broadcast on television (France 4 and more recently

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