“The kitchen of the musketeers” returns to France 3

INA/Youtube screenshot

INA/Youtube screenshot

The kitchen of the musketeers returns to France 3 and france.tv.

TELEVISION – A cult program returns to France 3 this Saturday, January 7. The kitchen of the musketeersFrance Télévisions’ flagship program with Maïté, which disappeared from the screens 26 years ago, has returned with a new duo and a new formula.

Toulouse chef Fabrice Mignot and comedian Caroline Estremo replace Maïté and her friend, presenter Micheline Banzet-Lawton, in a more modern version of the show that provided cult TV moments.

For example, it is no longer about knocking out an eel in front of the cameras. “Every animal that arrives on set will arrive alive, and leave alive”France 3 Occitanie program director Fabrice Valéry assured France Bleu Gascogne.

“Desecralizing the kitchen on television”

“We are going to highlight local producers in the Southwest, but at no time will there be any acts of violence against animals. There won’t be meat in every recipe either, even if it’s not a vegan show at all.” he adds.

Interviewed last November by the officechef Fabrice Mignot recounted his ” pride “ but also the ” Pressure “ take over such an iconic show. “It is a great challenge ahead. (…) Here we are talking about someone who is loved by all. I don’t know if I’ll manage to be ”the new Maïté”. I don `t believe. It will be me taking inspiration from her”he said.

Its purpose, specified the cook, is“trying to desecrate the kitchen on television” at the time of quiz show television shows showing candidates under stress. “The show will be a pleasant moment where the spectators will learn things”assured Fabrice Mignot.

The kitchen of the musketeers It will be broadcast every Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. on France 3 Occitanie, Wednesday morning on France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, until the summer. The episodes will also be available to everyone on the france.tv platform, specifies France Bleu Gascogne.

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