School expansion and energy savings on Miserey’s investment list for 2023

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The inhabitants who attended, on Thursday, January 5, 2023, the vows ceremony, in the school group dining room, were able to listen to the mayor of Miserey, Hervé Gilles, reveal the investments close to the heart of the municipality during the year in which it was opens. And this taking into account the installation, in the next three years, of new families. Because, the construction of about forty residences is announced.

“These are projects adapted to the municipality,” the mayor specified before affirming “the desire to make quality investments in order to stimulate activity”. He intends to trust “on the good financial results since 2014” and so he looks to the future with a certain serenity.

Larger school facilities

Given the prospect of the arrival of young couples with children, the expansion of both the Champs school and the canteen currently attended by some sixty schoolchildren is planned “quite quickly”. “We have to project ourselves in that direction,” adds Hervé Gilles who is delighted with the expected completion in 2023 of the burying of the networks in the heart of the town, works financed at 80% by SIEGE 27.

To save energy, solar panels will be installed on the remodeled roof of the kindergarten. “€35,000” – and the town hall – “€39,500 – thanks also to the support of this organization. With the Agglo d’Evreux, “our first financial partner”, The town center is going to be redeveloped for security reasons, “a crossroads to be redone, it is practically laid out. Hope to see the start of construction in October.”

gym conversion

The largest case concerns the “Conversion of the gym into rooms for the benefit of the associations, the school, all the inhabitants. It is a beautiful and big project”, estimated at 1,350 million euros. “We have to find the necessary money, we are reaching the end… comments the mayor before adding: “If the conversion is successful, the photovoltaic panels will flourish on an asbestos-free roof slope: a surface area of ​​600 m² for a total cost of €215,000.. The council pays for the insulation and reinforcement of the framework and SIEGE 27 for the solar panels, that is, €80,000.

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