Environment. A ribbed forest landscaped to better control the flow of water, near Dieppe

In Thil-Manneville, near Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), a grooved forest has been created to better manage the flow of water. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

One grooved wood what? It is a ecological operation which consists of the alternation of various facilities called soft hydraulics such as small embankments, valleys, rows of trees, wooded area and herbaceous cover. This, to promote theinfiltration and limit the cable speed of theWater.

On the plot located in the municipality of Thil-Manneville (Seine Maritime)across from the property of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Guérillon in Hermanville, there had been concerns for many years about escape and D’flood Newspaper.

The most natural designs possible

The problem was all the more urgent to deal with since the risk of accidents on the road between the two parcels was demonstrated. The two affected municipalities have contacted the basin union saane, vienna Y He saw to find a solution.

After a field experience carried out in 2021, the union opted for the most natural designs possible. The installation of fajinas was preferred, but the objective was to go further while preserving a sector with high added value from an ecological point of view. The creation of a grooved wood has become widely accepted.

Owner Help

The construction site started in August for the earthmoving part. An upstream belt, three embankments and wetlands for storage with a capacity of 400 m were created.3 of water, before the development of a grooved wood.

A guide valley allows for the connection of the water stream to existing culverts below the road so that the overflow can be discharged into the opposite meadow which is near the River Vienne.

The planting of 1,200 trees on the plot located in the territory of Thil-Manneville makes it possible to create an ecological corridor intended to facilitate the movement of animals.

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This large-scale operation is part of the major water cycle program for the basin association. It was possible thanks to the collaboration of the owner of the place who bought the land. Thanks to a 100-year agreement, the union was able to step in and get the job done.

They represent a cost close to €70,000, of which 80% is financed by the Water Agency. This eco-environmental project has the particularity of mixing “blue frame” and “green frame”!

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