Emily in Paris: there has been a mistake in season 3 of the series!

Emily in Paris is the series of the moment with its season 3. But an error has crept into the program. Which. We tell you everything.

Everyone loves the Emily in Paris series on Netflix. Even though it’s full of clichés. But as in all series, there are small errors. Finally, elements that are not explained. We tell you more in this article.

Emily in Paris: a successful season

The Emily in Paris series explodes on Netflix. For a long time, the series was even Top 1 on the platform. And the show has consequences for the city of Paris. Already, the real estate market exploded since the launch of season 3.

Americans identify with Emily Cooper and wonder if they couldn’t spend a year or two in Paris immerse yourself in Parisian life. Many of them have already booked their tickets.

But we must not forget that Emily in Paris is a series! For example, the heroin way of lifeIt costs a lot more than it seems. It must be said that the young lady dresses only in the greatest fashion designers.

According to research by Bramleys, Emily’s lifestyle it would cost 90,000 euros in clothes a year. Which represents a large sum! But in the series, an error has also crept in. In each show, we can find some.

Small inconsistencies where one wonders: “But why? “Nothing very dramatic, but you have to object. Emily in Paris is a real hit. Also, season 4 is coming next year. And it could well be the last.

A small error sneaks into the series.

You know, Emily in Paris it’s a real cliché about Parisian life. But that’s what we like after all! And in the series there are characters made in France. This is, for example, the case of Gabriel, Emily’s lover but also the renowned chef.

But have you noticed that the handsome Frenchman doesn’t have a last name? And it’s the only one in the series. In fact, you know Emily Cooper, Mindy Chen, Camille Champere but also Sylvie Grateau. Except Gabriel doesn’t have a name!

In one of the episodes, we see him appear on The List. A list of the most influential people in Paris. And in the article, the chef is only called Gabriel, without a last name. A surprising little mistake and that really doesn’t make sense.

Then, if you think about it, Alfie doesn’t have a last name either. He could be A mistake about Emily’s men in Paris? In any case, it doesn’t change much, but it looks pretty amazing! In any case, now we will have to wait a bit to see the rest!

Especially since we just found out that Camille is pregnant! Whereas we finally know that Gabriel still loves Emily. But who will choose the girl? Because between Alfie and Gabriel, her heart swings! Also, Alfie didn’t take kindly to his pact with Camille not to flirt with the chef.

An intrigue that still promises to be sulfurous for Emily in Paris.

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