At age 11, he is banned from Twitch and Twitter despite being a gaming prodigy.

news culture At age 11, he is banned from Twitch and Twitter despite being a gaming prodigy.

The rules are the same for everyone, but sometimes they can lead to unpleasant situations. A funny story just happened, a month apart, to a young Valorant player. A true prodigy at the age of 11, the Brazilian kid reached the last rank of Radiant and saw no harm streaming on Twitch. The problem is that he faced the bans around minors and was expelled from the platform. Before meeting a new disappointment today…

A step back is necessary. Not far as you only have to come back at the end of November 2022. Lucas is an 11-year-old Brazilian gamer who shows impressive performances in Valorant. Aware of his level, he got into the habit of streaming his games on Twitch under the supervision of his parents. Unfortunately, he was banned from Twitch for breaking the rules of the platform. Specifically, all Twitch streamers must be at least 13 years old and there is no parental supervision to circumvent this rule. From the height of his 11 years, therefore, he saw his Twitch account suspended. Jake Lucky (streamer and member of an eSports team), visibly upset by this story, brought up the case to champion Lucas’s cause. No success so far…

After Twitch, Twitter also bans Lucas

As if that were not enough, Lucas has just been banned from Twitter. Again, the issue is the child’s age, and this decision has drawn the ire of regulars in the Twitter, Twitch, and Valorant communities. The reason: despite the apparent rules of said platforms, there are other streamers who are even younger than Lucas! If the story of the young Brazilian had such an impact, it is simply because it was his popularity -and therefore his visibility- that caused the reaction of the Twitch and Twitter moderation services. At the moment, we don’t know how this story will end, but Jake Lucky reports that he is in contact with the parents. The latter are currently in talks with Twitch to find a solution.

Based on the reviews found here and there, some feel that the parents failed, while others think that the ban is a scandal knowing that they are after their children while he broadcasts. We let you make your own opinion.

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