[PHOTOS] These artists broke up in 2022

Very happy moments, but also more painful ones have filled the personal life… and the social networks of the artists here during the last year. Here are the ones who ended their relationship in 2022.

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Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

After six years together, the actress and the comedian have drawn a line under this part of her life. Although it was “a difficult decision,” they were “on very good terms.” However, we do not know if they were still a couple when they presented their ComediHa gala! in August. It doesn’t matter, your work hasn’t suffered.

Guy Jodoin and Edith

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

The driver and his newest love were heading towards 10 years of happiness. After taking 5 years to present the one that made his heart beat, the master of cheating announced in mid-October that he was single again and had only good words for his former love. “She’s a super good friend, an amazing friend,” he told the mag. 7 days.

mariana maza

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

In the absence of sharing the name of the one with whom she was a couple for almost six years, the comedian did not hide, in October, being separated. The announcement came shortly before we found out that it was she who was hiding in the Bébéluga from the second season of masked singers. “Actually, we’re not in love anymore, but we’re still best friends for life,” she confided to the 7 days.

Marie Mai and David Lafleche

File photo, Martin Chevalier

They worked together, created a duo and gave birth to little Gisèle. All this in six years of intimacy. It was in early September that the ax fell on the couple. However, two years earlier, we learned that the singer no longer lived under the same roof as the musician, who had become the owner of a house whose renovations were going to serve as the stage for the show. At Marie Mai’s.

José Gaudet and Andrea Babb

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

The driver took a few months to “deal” with her break in the media. In March, he and his ex broke up, but it wasn’t until September, after receiving several messages from fans asking him what was going on with his girlfriend, that he wrote that her story had ended after 3 years. Although he admitted that a split was never easy, he wanted to reassure the public.

Rafaelle Roy and Joffrey Charles

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

The two singers of Voice could not prevent a second break this year. Active on social media, the parents of two children have closed an important chapter in their lives. But it is impossible to know how they got there: “I am not going to explain the reasons why our paths were respected, out of respect for my family. It is deeply difficult. But it’s better this way,” Rafaëlle Roy wrote on Instagram in September.

Cathy Gauthier and Francois Paradis

Photographic archives, QMI AGENCY

In love since 2009 and married for 7 years, the comedian and producer were at the center of a breakup. Asked about how she had managed to lose weight, the mother of little Alicia, born in 2018, took advantage of her platform at the morning meeting microphone. Momentum!, on Energy, to open a door to his private life. Among other things, she spoke about the importance of resilience and adaptation when children are directly affected by a decision by their parents.

Emilie Bierre and Justin Morissette

Photographic archives, QMI AGENCY

For several months, Émilie Bierre no longer has Louis Morissette and Véronique Cloutier as in-laws. At the beginning of May, the actress did not hide that she was no longer living an idyll with Justin Morissette, the son of the famous couple. “We were a couple for almost three years, but we grow, we evolve…”, the young woman summed up featured echoes.

Andréanne A. Mallette and Olivier Savoie Campeau

Photographic archives, QMI Agency

Since October, Andréanne A. Mallette has returned to what she describes as “essential”: herself and her friends. The singer-songwriter and drummer, in a relationship since 2018, have chosen not to follow the same path anymore. In addition to their intimacy, the two artists have also shared the stage many times.

Kim Rusk and Sansdrick Lavoie

The year 2022 will have marked the birth of the couple made up of former reality TV stars, but also their breakup, after about 6 months. The host and the one we discovered during the Bali edition of “Double Occupancy” made big mention of their romantic complicity on social media, then suddenly the outpourings stopped. Just to comment, Kim Rusk wrote: “[…] yes, Sansdrick and I are done.”

Alice Moffett

The end of 2021 had not been the happiest in the heart of Alicia Moffett who had decided to separate from Alex Mentink, the father of her daughter, Billie Lou. But 2022 was much happier, because she allowed him to meet Frédérick Robichaud, a candidate for DO in the West. This magic of fate inspired the song. run to you?.

Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Emmanuelle Rochon

Photographic archives, QMI AGENCY

After a difficult separation that ended with the divorce of the mother of her two children, love has once again knocked on the door of the presenter of Good evening!. We do not know exactly when the beginning of this love story dates back, but at the beginning of May we learned that Mr.’s heart was beating for his stylist, Emmanuelle Rochon, well known among Quebec artists.

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