local residents are concerned and the company wants to reassure

This is a project that is causing concern among some neighbors who live near the Ipackchem plant. This company based in Saint-Victor-sur-Loire, in the Loire, manufactures plastic cans for professionals And it plans to manufacture a fluoride production unit at its facilities, instead of importing it from abroad as is currently done. fluorine, very toxic product and extremely dangerous for health, it is essential to make plastic boats and make them more resistant, explained the company.

“We want to be sure of what we breathe, what we drink and what we eat!”, Grégory, a resident of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire.

But this change worries the neighbors, like Grégory, who also sees part of the factory from the window of his house. This resident of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire makes it clear that he does not want this factory, which employs a hundred people, to close its doors. he wants to have ensures no fluoride contamination. “We want to be sure of what we breathe, what we drink and what we eat! My children grow up and play in the fields that are right there, below. Short circuit, meat from the cows that roam the steps of our house The milk from their cows there too, and we would like to make sure that the analyzes are done regularly and that they are made public.

At Laurent Pinatel’s farm, located 300 meters from the factory, we wonder about the responsibility of such a project: “There, they will still change dimensions and begin to make your own fluoride. And it will be the only fluoride manufacturing plant in France, so it’s nothing.” On this last point, the company assures that it is false and that other companies in France and in particular in the Rhône, already manufacture their own fluoride mixture for their own production.

But Laurent Pinatel’s concern, like Grégory’s, is also related to the impact on the environment of this fluoride production in this area, Laurent explains: “The factory is at the gates of a Natura 2000 area where everything is regulated. And there we have a factory with trucks that will come from all over to process extremely dangerous products. […] What employee protection? What protection in case of explosion, leak? And above all, we tell ourselves that such a dangerous plant doesn’t have its place in a larger agrochemical complex?

The Ipackchem factory, located in Saint-Victor-sur-Loire since the 1980s, manufactures plastic packaging for professionals.
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Mathilde Errard

Bruno Gay, the director of the site, also wants to reassure and explains that the Dreal (regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing) has been forcing Ipackchem for years to annual surveys of the environment around the site. Bruno Gay also explains that precautions will be taken to prevent leaks, such as holding tanks, “sort of a container that is usually one and a half times the size of the product that will be placed in it. If there were to be a leak, it would be contained in this container below.”

And the site manager also explains that manufacturing fluoride on site will allow Ipackchem to do less handling to transfer the product from the transport truck to the company: “Tomorrow we will have three deliveries a year [de fluor, NDLR] whereas today we have four or five a week”.

Bruno Gay was also present at the public meeting with the residents recently. It was organized as part of a public inquiry that should end this week.

For its part, the Saint-Étienne city council has not taken an official position on this file at the moment.

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