Health: The International Committee of the Red Cross concerned about the high level of armed violence in Haiti

P-to-P, December 13. 2022 [AlterPresse] — The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expresses its serious concern about the high levels of armed violence and “the growing threat posed not only by the cholera epidemic, but also by the inability of health to meet all the needs “.

This serious upsurge in armed violence in Haiti is reducing the capacity of the health system to deal with the cholera epidemic, which reappeared in the country at the beginning of October 2022, regretted the ICRC in a press release dated 13 December 2022, which the agency was made aware of on AlterPresse.

The Department of Epidemiology, Laboratories and Research (Delr) of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (Mspp) recorded 283 deaths, due to cholera out of more than 13,000 suspected cases, from the beginning of October to the beginning of December 2022 in Haiti.

The number of people hospitalized stands at 11,751.

The Mspp received, on Monday, December 12, 2022, 1.17 million doses of oral vaccines to combat cholera, a donation from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (Ops/WHO) in collaboration with the Group International Coordinator for Vaccine Supply.

While calling on all relevant actors to respect medical personnel and health services, including Haitian Red Cross volunteers and ambulances, the International Committee of the Red Cross also calls on national authorities to that provide the Haitian health system with the means to fulfill its role, and the international community to support this system.

In this sense, the ICRC indicates that it has engaged in dialogue with all actors, including armed groups, to allow access to health care for the most vulnerable people, as well as the rapid implementation of effective humanitarian interventions.

“Given the increase in violence and insecurity throughout the country and the difficulties in accessing essential services, millions of Haitians see their living conditions deteriorate,” the statement read.

“The Haitian population is in a very precarious situation,” says the ICRC regional director for the Americas, Sophie Orr, referring in particular to the climate of terror in the country.

Many cases of murder and rape of girls and women have been registered in various neighborhoods of the metropolitan area, controlled by powerful armed gangs. [emb apr 13/12/2022 15:10]

Photo: ICRC Source


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