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Paris, December 13, 2022



Conclusions of the Bilateral Conference

for the resilience and reconstruction of Ukraine

bruno the mayor, minister of l’Économie, des Finances et de la Souveraineté industrielle et numérique, accueilli aujourd’hui une Conférence initiée par le président de la République française et le Président de l’Ukraine, portant sur les enjeux de résilience économique et de reconstruction From the country. At the end of an initial multilateral sequence at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, this conference aimed to establish Ukraine’s priority economic needs, as well as to encourage the mobilization of French economic actors in support of key sectors of its economy and preparation for its reconstruction.

Bilateral economic cooperation had experienced unprecedented momentum since 2016, in sectors such as aeronautics, infrastructure and energy. Thanks to the exceptional presence of more than 700 representatives of French companies, the “Bilateral Conference for Resilience and Reconstruction of Ukraine” made it possible to give new impetus to economic relations with Ukraine.

For Bruno Le Maire, “Allowing the Ukrainian economy today to withstand the impact of the war is a great challenge to start the reconstruction of the country tomorrow.” “This bilateral conference desired by the Ukrainian authorities sends a very important signal, that of the desire of the French economic players to fully mobilize together with Ukraine. But beyond the signal, these are very concrete projects that we have concluded or started, in order to satisfy, from now on, the needs of the key sectors of the Ukrainian economy”..

In order to take stock of Ukraine’s priority needs and quickly lead to new initiatives, workshops were organized bringing together French and Ukrainian companies, but also Ukrainian and French ministers, around five priority areas: infrastructure, reconstruction of energy systems, support for the agricultural and agri-food sector, digital technologies and innovations, as well as health.

The Conference resulted in the signing of important agreements that directly address Ukraine’s vital infrastructure needs. Its rehabilitation, after destruction, is a crucial issue to ensure the continuity of essential services for populations but also for the functioning of the economy:

bruno the mayorMinister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, and Odile Renaud Basso, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), signed two agreements regarding the granting of 100 million euros in guarantees for the support of critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Through a risk-sharing mechanism between the French State and the EBRD, these guarantees will make it possible to grant €200 million in emergency liquidity to two Ukrainian public companies: the national energy operator Naftogaz, for necessary gas purchases for the winter period , and the National Railway Company of Ukraine (UZ), for the execution of priority expenses.

The EBRD also granted on the same day, within the framework of the Conference, a loan of 300 million euros for the benefit of the operators of the Ukrainian electricity networks UkrEnergo to repair the damaged equipment and ensure the continuity of the essential services of the electricity operator. . .

France has also signed three agreements that respond to the needs of key sectors of Ukraine’s real economy. A first agreement, signed by Bruno Le Maire and Denys Chmyhal on behalf of the French and Ukrainian governments, concerns the financing of a concessional loan from the Treasury of 37.6 million euros for the supply of 20,000 tons of rail produced in France. by the Saarstahl company. It will thus allow the repair of more than 150 km of Ukrainian railways.

A second agreement, signed between the Matière company and the Ukrainian government agency for roads UkrAvtodor, aims to start the project to supply approximately 25 bridges in kits, for which France will offer financing.

A third project aims to guarantee the delivery of more than 20 million euros in seeds by three French exporting companies (MAS Seeds, Lideas Seeds, RAGT). The State grants its coverage to the risk related to this transaction, which allows the realization of this key project for the support of the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

Mayor Bruno and the Prime Minister of Ukraine have finally signed an agreement to give a strong impetus to Franco-Ukrainian cooperation in the digital field. Through this agreement, our two countries agree on a roadmap aimed at obtaining quick and concrete results in key areas for Ukraine’s sovereignty and digital development, in the areas of cybersecurity, financing of start-ups, through bilateral projects that promote cooperation between France and Ukraine. -ups, and training and support for the ecosystem of Ukrainian start-ups, thanks to actions led by Station F and computer training schools such as Ecole 42.

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