Thierry Migout, the man at the service of the environment, has died

Head of department of the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) in Aube since 2020, Thierry Migout died suddenly last Saturday. He was 58 years old.

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“He was a man of nature. Someone altruistic and committed to protecting the environment”several OFB agents report that they rubbed shoulders with Thierry Migout in the missions and investigations carried out in the department by this environmental police. “Thierry was totally dedicated to his job. It was the life of him”.

Certificate of professional agricultural studies, hunting option, in his pocket, this young professional made his debut as a technician at the Seine-et-Marne Federation of hunters. He later opted to become an environmental inspector. And in 1996, thanks to his experience in contact with nature and wildlife, the man settled in Aube, as brigade chief in the former National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS). Departmental service for which he will assume responsibility in 2003.

Medal of Honor for Judicial Services and Knight of the National Order

Seventeen years later, still in Aube, he successfully transformed the ONCFS into what is now called OFB. Where he supervises twelve departmental environmental police officers. “He was very human in his work and in his relationships. He knew how to share his commitment, his passion and his enthusiasm, say their colleagues. And he knew how to convince everyone of the interest in saving the environment”. He also understood that the key was in future generations. And for several years, this professional has been carrying out activities in schools to explain the nature and challenges of its preservation. “He was an excellent specialist haswith environmental knowledge, or even rare or protected species. It was a technical reference for us”.

Thierry Migout was a Knight of the National Order of Agricultural Merit 2010. “And weirder, point out your teammates received in 2019, the medal of honor for judicial services
“. This last distinction rewards the investigative work carried out in coordination with the departmental and national judicial teams.

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