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Belle was born in April 2019. She is the daughter of Babel, the agency created by Laurent Habib, and this summer she left the family home to become independent. Solen Madec, Pierre Duquesnoy and Nathalie Alves, its founders, bought it from Babel. “It is as if we had been incubated in Babel where we had a very different proposal: very advertising, very digital, very BtoC. The acquisition was a logical continuation given the success and solidity of the model that we were going to see in this adventure”, explains Solène Madec. For the agency, it is also a means to accelerate its development and growth options. The independence acquired by Belle is not the result of chance: “From the beginning it was clear to me that it was a different adventure from Babel and also, Laurent (Habib) was always happy to see that he had transmitted that entrepreneurial spirit”. I wish one of her associates “, underlines Solène Madec.

The young agency is starting to look good. He employs 20 people, bills 6 million euros, aligns a good collection of clients won in pitches against heavyweights in the market, which allows him to exhibit a collection of budgets such as Cogedim, Les Furets, Heycar or Qonto. The portfolio is made up of traditional advertisers looking to renew their digital communication, and new players in the economy, start-ups, scale-ups and unicorns. “Often, people come to see us after a fundraiser,” says Belle’s co-founder. A positioning that corresponds to that of Pierre Duquesnoy, the creative director of the agency whose culture has always crossed the line between creation and digital, a talent that exerted notably at BETC, among others at Evian babies, then at Isobar in London before to join Babel. “We really wanted to create an agency that was comfortable in both worlds,” he recalls. With Solen Madec, whose past with the advertiser, at La Française des Jeux, gives her great insight into their expectations, and Nathalie Alves, whose career has been in digital, particularly at Duke Razorfish, they form a trio that proves that “we can offer the best of both worlds.”

This method means that a TV movie can be edited between two broadcast waves to refine it and adapt it to a particular context, where we traditionally land after the campaign to consider modifications. “We optimize offline just like we do online,” explains Solen Madec. In the same way, “we innovate in media by being able to take start-ups to the subway or to TV screens and not limit ourselves to BToB”, adds Nathalie Alves. These two legs between the traditional and digital worlds also allow the agency to balance risks because the economic cycles of these two worlds are not the same. This positioning also implies different requirements in terms of hiring since “everyone must know how to do everything between digital and traditional, be it creative or strategic planning”, adds Pierre Duquesnoy. The set forms “a little Molotov cocktail” that brings together highly analytical brand cultures, ROIst, all in a digital universe” that allows Belle to imagine a prosperous and independent life.

If it is undeniable that the agency wants to grow, the idea is “to grow, but not at any price and above all while respecting the comfort of its employees”, summarizes Solène Madec. For the three founding partners, the quality of the agency’s work is at least as important as growth. An agency model based on respect for the privacy of its employees. Good idea.

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