What to do with wood ashes? 10 practical uses in the garden and at home!

If you own a wood-burning fireplace or wood-burning stove, you are well aware of the warm and cozy atmosphere that reigns on cold winter nights. As long as you’re comfortable inside, watching the flames dance enchantingly, you’ll face the consequences. What is this consequence? It is, in fact, the tray full of ashes. If you’re one of the people who throws them away, you might start to reconsider your choices. But what to do with wood ashes? Well there are many uses around the home and garden. If you’re confused, let us walk you through it and show you everything you can do with it.

What to do with wood ashes? Use

What to do with wood ashes? You may already know that many people use them on their lawns or to feed trees. But that is not all ! Storing the ashes will help you with many daily tasks and you will see how beneficial they are. Are you curious to know what they are? We also! We’ll see !

use for cleaning

Do you have dirty pans? Adding ashes to the water to make a paste and rubbing the pans with this paste will remove the stains. It’s great for metal and even glass! Just make sure you wear gloves so you don’t irritate your skin.

Wood ashes in the compost

Did you know that you can make compost tea? If you have a compost in the apartment or outside, you can add some ash to it. By applying it to the soil, you will get many beneficial nutrients. You can also make “wood ash tea.” What is ? Soak the ashes in water for about five days and add them to the soil. Either way, you’re just helping your plants grow!

make soap with ashes

Do you want to make your own soap at home? Combine ash and water to create a lye, which is an essential part of the soap-making process. Also, be sure to wear gloves!

Keep pests away

They can also be used to repel slugs and snails, and even to repel ants. All you need to do is spray a small amount or circulate around sensitive plants and reapply after rain has washed away the ashes.

Strengthen the soil and turf.

You may already know this, because using wood ash in the garden has become a trend lately. You can use them to increase the pH of your lawn’s soil. If your soil is acidic (pH below 6), adding ash will remedy it immediately. You can also add it to tomato plants to increase growth and yield.

wood ash in the garden

Use to melt ice.

Winter comes ! Brrr! Keep an ash bin for the next few months to melt ice on your driveway. In fact, the potassium salts in the ash can help melt this ice in cold conditions.

absorbs odors

If your room smells musty and even your fridge, do you know what will help you get rid of that smell? If this is correct ! The ashes again! Put a small ball in the fridge or in the room and you will see how the smell disappears!

polish the metal

Wood ash is a mild abrasive. So put on your gloves, make a paste by mixing it with water, and polish your cutlery and other metals.

Humidity control

How to get rid of moisture in the bathroom or any other room? The process is the same for scents. Put them in a small bowl in the corner and wait for the results.

Turn off the lights

Finally, did you know that you can extinguish a fire with ashes? Like sand, they can help put out a small fire. Keep an ash bucket near the fireplace or fireplace in case you need a fire extinguisher.

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