Health through plants with Sandra Della Signora

The onion, from the kitchen to the universal remedy

Often when recommending plants, I find that many of us have few specimens on hand in an emergency. So I propose recipes with what we find in the kitchen. And it is that the onion is a food par excellence that has many secrets to reveal to us…

Ordinary food, you think, nope! It has many virtues that give it significant medicinal power. If your natural pharmacy is empty, consider onion for many ailments! Above all, it is a food that is very rich in antioxidants, among which are vitamin C, selenium, flavonoids… Which makes it a vegetable of choice against cellular aging. Rich in inulin, its bulb plays the role

prebiotic that feeds your intestinal flora and facilitates transit. However, be careful with irritable bowels as it can cause irritation, especially when eaten raw.

It has been known for a long time for its antiseptic and anti-infective principles that can be used in different situations: genital and urinary infections, wounds, ulcers, bites.

and bites Or boil, paronychia and abscess and in this case it is cooked under the ashes or in a covered saucepan over low heat. It has an antibiotic action that prevents the development

staphylococcus aureus.

It is also a plant of choice for colds and lung diseases by calming coughs and promoting expectoration. It is used rather cooked in this case. Allium cepa, by its small Latin name,

It is known in homeopathy to control rhinitis, runny nose and light eyes. Alternatively, a raw onion cut in half and placed on the nightstand can reduce nighttime coughing. Raw onion pulp in the form of a poultice can be effective against migraines and neuralgia. In mother tincture, onion is one of the remedies to relieve inflammation and hypertrophy of the prostate (in

associating it with nettle root and willow). Macerate a chopped raw onion for 24 hours in red wine to obtain a vermifuge drink… Excellent diuretic, acts on all types of edema. It also has hypoglycemic effects, so it should be integrated without concern in the diets of diabetics. In short, consume it with all sauces, preventive or curative, onion gives you longevity and comfort!

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