Nîmes: lights off at night, less heated pools, the city plays with energy sobriety

Major municipal decisions to act towards greater energy sobriety. As of Friday, the streetlights of a part of the city will be turned off.

Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier acknowledges this: it is the current situation that forces the city to act. But the actions detailed this Monday morning at the town hall by Pascale Venturini, the environment assistant, will be “rigorous. They will have an impact on the daily life of Nîmes” the mayor announces that, however, he is sure that they will understand them. Because the mayor wants to continue investing, without raising taxes. “The money saved in energy will be reinvested for the City Council” ensures.

Pascale Venturini, deputy for the environment and mayor of Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier.
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The observation: the invoice of 6.3 million euros could rise to 22.3 million euros in 2024

The City has done its thing. With a forecast increase in the cost of water of 7%, a rise in the price of gas of 414% and electricity of around 300% by 2024, the energy bill for public buildings could skyrocket by 6.3 million euros this year to 9.6 million in 2023, then to a takeover of 22.3 million euros in 2024. The city had the good idea, at the end of 2021, to enter a fixed price electricity market, for a two year period. In 2023, all energy-related spending (buildings, but also public lighting) will reach the sum of 12.5 million euros. For this reason, the City Council is launching a plan that should allow it to save 1.3 million euros by 2023.

Illumination: dark night over part of the city

The City Council has already acted on the intensity of lighting lowered between 30 and 50% depending on the area: it goes further, starting this Friday, December 2. Toute une partie de la ville, au nord du chemin des limites, à l’west de la RN 106, au sud du boulevard Allende et de la route d’Avignon, sera dans le noir à partir de minuit et jusqu’à 5 heures in the morning. The city center in general and sensitive urban areas will remain illuminated normally. The structuring axes, managed by the State or the Department (route de Beaucaire, route d’Arles, route de Sauve) are not affected.

In the city center, the heritage lighting will also be turned off. The fountains on Avenue Feuchères, Pradier on the Esplanade, Place de la Calade, Palais de Justice, and the Clock Tower will turn off at midnight (instead of 1 a.m.) and not turn on again in the morning. Starck’s crocodile, avenue Carnot, the projection onto the avenue de la Liberté, the olive trees of the sernam or BRL roundabouts, as well as the facades of the houses on rue Notre-Dame and rue Clérisseau are will be completely extinguished.

The Christmas lights, which have been Led for ten years, but the lighting of the 3D sets, like the stadiums and the Maison Carrée, will also stop at midnight. Illuminated billboards in the city center will go off at midnight, starting this Friday, then in January it will be for all other sectors.

The City Council is developing its environmental service and hiring

Pascale Venturini, environment assistant, a new delegation in the Fournier team, had been very lonely since her election in the summer of 2020. Since September she has had the support of a director in the person of Christophe Lherbiez. This municipal service already has a dozen people, some specialized in energy, others in biodiversity. The City Council is hiring, with difficulty because these profiles are in high demand, a thermal engineer, a head of the “energy” department, a flow saver, whose mission is to locate leaks and correct them…

Swimming pools and gyms: we lower the temperature

In municipal swimming pools, the water temperature will drop two degrees: from 29 to 27 degrees (in Nemausa, a community facility managed by Vert Marine for Agglo, the water is 28 degrees). In the locker room we also went from 20 to 19 degrees. The City also announces the closure of the Fenouillet swimming pool for more than a year of construction! “We will reopen in March 2024, this pool is old, there are leaks, it is passing air, we are redoing it” the mayor pointed out. A project that will cost around 1 million euros. But in the immediate future, the City Council also decides to optimize the Iris and Pablo-Neruda: during school holidays, only one will be open. The “baby Swim” activity currently at Aquatropic will be moved to Iris for the current season, but the maintenance of the activity for September 2023 is in question (the water must be heated to 31 degrees, 48 ​​hours before). In the gyms, open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., the temperature ranges between 18 and 16 degrees. Apart from Parnasse and Costières, they will be closed every two weeks during school holidays.

The Fenouillet swimming pool will be closed for more than a year.

The Fenouillet swimming pool will be closed for more than a year.
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The City Council also decides to restrict the ice rink season, which will only be open for 8 months, from September 1 to April 30 and not until June 15.

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