This photo of Elon Musk’s nightstand is worth seeing

Getty Images/montageHuffPost Elon Musk shared a photo of his nightstand on Twitter, shocking netizens.

Getty Images/montageHuffPost

Elon Musk shared a photo of his nightstand on Twitter, shocking netizens.

TWITTER – Who knew Elon Musk’s nightstand looked like this? The new owner of Twitter has shared a photo of his nightstand and its content is quite amazing.

Two guns that look fake or at least look like replicas, a bottle of water, a painting of George Washington crossing Delaware, open cans of Diet Coke… This is what Elon Musk falls asleep next to every night.

The photo generated a huge reaction from netizens and amassed more than 300,000 likes on Twitter. Several users have notably compared Elon Musk to the character of Milhouse’s father on The Simpsons, Kirk Van Houten. While the latter has just gotten divorced, he offers Homer his new bed, in the shape of a car. Except Bart and Lisa’s dad replies that he sleeps in a big bed with his wife.

In this user’s montage, Milhouse’s father shows not a car, but Elon Musk’s nightstand. “I sleep next to guns and four Diet Cokes and you? »

GuillaumeTC, known for his photomontages that mix two personalities, added a snapshot of Donald Trump on the businessman’s nightstand, as a reference to the return of the former president of the United States on Twitter.

Some did not stop reminding the richest man in the world to use coasters, to avoid stains on his nightstand.

“There is no excuse for my lack of coasters” replied Elon Musk regarding the stains on his nightstand.

Many netizens also shared their own nightstands in response to the businessman.

After the photo of his nightstand, Elon Musk also shared an image of pepe the froge, a comic book character who has become a symbol of union foralt rightand indeed very often used by the American extreme right.

This character had been included in the list, in particular, by the‘Anti-Defamation League, an American organization that fights antisemitism, as a symbol of hate. Matt Furie, her designer, had decided to symbolically kill her in 2017 so that she would no longer be associated with extremists.

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