Gers: After schoolchildren, the general public raised awareness about the preservation of the environment in Auch this Saturday

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As part of the operation “I reduce my waste! », the Maison de Gascogne offers workshops this Saturday to learn the best practices to preserve the environment.

In which bin to throw glass, cardboard or food scraps? How to repair a bicycle? What are the techniques for making natural products for the home? So many questions to which Auscitains, young and old, can find answers at the Maison de Gascogne this Saturday, November 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the occasion of the European Waste Reduction Week, and as part of the “I reduce my waste” operation, the City of Auch and the Grand Auch Cœur de Gascogne are offering workshops, exhibitions and information stands with the double aim of encouraging Gers residents to reduce and recycle their waste.

Before the free opening to the general public, more than 200 schoolchildren, from classes CE2, CM1 and CM2, from six schools in the departmental capital, were able to test their knowledge of environmental preservation this Friday at the bend of a dozen stands . The latter were able to discover workshops for sorting waste, disassembling electrical appliances, sewing or even making tawashi sponges (a zero-waste sponge made from recycled fabric, editor’s note). Also drawing attention were the posters and illustrations scattered throughout the Maison de Gascogne with the intention of making them understand the importance of diligently sorting waste and giving objects a second life whenever possible.

Many informative posters related to waste are scattered throughout the Maison de Gascogne.

hundred fines

Two days that are part of a more global approach to waste reduction led by the City of Auch and the Grand Auch Cœur de Gascogne agglomeration. “Since 2006, 2,450 composters have been distributed. The goal is to remove the bio-waste from the brown container. However, we are still far from it. There are still many containers that could be classified. The message is: sort and compost! “says Françoise Carrie, deputy mayor, in charge of nature in the city, the living environment and urban cleanliness.

“For a year now, the City Council has sanctioned the perpetrators of illegal dumping. Unfortunately, we have already sent around a hundred invoices, at 60 euros each”, recalls Christian Laprébende, mayor of Auch, who really counts on the operation “I reduce my waste! to sensitize the inhabitants of the city.

For any questions about waste, contact the waste prevention and management department at 05 62 61 21 04.

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