Bigflo and Oli at the NRJ Music Awards did not leave anyone indifferent with their ‘surprise’

Bigflo and Oli, Friday, November 18, at the 2022 NRJ Music Awards.

TELEVISION – On the occasion of the NRJ Music Awards, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and on TF1 this Friday, November 18, Julien Doré had a surprise for Bigflo and Oli, with whom he signed the hit Getting old.

Blindfolded, the two rappers were led, not to the ceremony stage where they thought they were performing, but… to a restaurant. There they sang their piece with a double of Julien Doré (who couldn’t go to Cannes): the one called Julien Cramé.

Like customers in a restaurant, Bigflo and Oli did not hide their surprise. Has TF1 really validated that? »Bigflo questioned aloud, thinking about not being on the air. Hard hit.

At home, the spectators were not unmoved by this impromptu performance. Some loved it.

Others, a little less…

And for good reason, some have apparently been disappointed. They were expecting something bigger given the announcements made during the week. “Okay, let’s explain. For the performance at the NMAs, we are not aware of anything. It was Julien Doré who organized everything without telling us anything, as we did in the clip. Julien, we hope you have not been a bastard”, joked Bigflo and Oli on Instagram.

This Friday, the two rappers, who did not hide their disappointment after their performance, are nominated in three categories: “French-speaking clip of the year”, “French-speaking group of the year” and “French-speaking collaboration of the year”. Year”.

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