Richard Tillier winner in masters, Loïc Forestier assumes his status, finds the rankings of the Châtillon-en-Bazois cyclocross

In a race abandoned by the seniors, who were only four at the start, due to an important competition on the calendar, the masters responded by being present, on Sunday, November 13, between the port and the castle of Châtillon-en-Bazois, the cyclocross organized by the JGSN. In this category, Richard Tillier (CCVV) was the fastest, even hanging onto the wheel of Loïc Forestier during the opening laps.

Pleasure as a motor

“At our ages, we all do this for fun, it’s a very good boy. But, once the race started, we set ourselves personal challenges. I tried to follow the best seniors and then after we had our way, a kid followed me. But the main thing is pleasure, ”says the 52-year-old rider, seventh in the last Masters French Championships, in Moulins (Allier) in his category. “This year it will be in Brittany, in Quelneuc, on December 18. I will be there to try to do better. »

Chatillon Charts by Guillaume CLERC on Scribd

Coming from mountain biking, the cyclist from Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier hit the road six years ago. “Then I continued with cyclocross, which brings a more playful dimension, at a time of year when there is nothing on the road. I have always ridden a bike, I go to competitions to have goals. Winning is always fun, but that’s not what drives the engine. »
And Richard Tillier is still far from hanging up. “We must never stop. When you do, you lose very quickly and it becomes very difficult to come back and get your level back. In fact, it is just a way of life. »

First victory of the winter for Loïc Forestier

Loïc Forestier facing Florian Auroux on the pothole leading to the Château de Châtillon.
Early favourite, Loïc Forestier (Guidon Chalettois) took on his status but still encountered adversity nonetheless.
Starting behind the entire pack, he had to work to pick up and then let go of class-winning junior Florian Auroux (JGSN). “We had to work hard to get back, but I knew that putting in the effort every lap on the bump leading up to the castle could make a difference. I changed my trainer in August and I notice the beneficial effects compared to last winter. I got back to serious business. In cyclocross, I will go to the regional championships of the Center Val de Loire, which will take place in La Chapelle-Saint-Ursin (Cher)”, on Sunday, December 11.

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