A “white tide” marches in defense of the health system in the Community of Madrid

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Some 200,000 people according to the Madrid authorities and triple according to the organizers. Protesters took to the streets of the Spanish capital this Sunday morning to defend the public health system in this region. Madrid is the richest region, but it is also the one that invests the least in health.

With our correspondent in Madrid, Diana Cambon

It was a true white tide that invaded the center of Madrid this Sunday morning to support public health in the region. There were white coats, but also representatives of the political class and the world of culture such as the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who marched against the measures of the very liberal president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Ayuso, also that of the figures of the Popular Party . Party (PP).

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In Spain, where health is the responsibility of each region, the Madrid region is the one that invests the least in the public system. The central socialist government gave its support to the demonstrators. ” Madrid is the region that invests the least in health per capita. The national average is 1,700 euros per inhabitant and in Madrid it is 1,300 euros said the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. ” It is the region with the fewest doctors and nurses per capita “, he added. According to him, the crisis in the region’s public health system is due to a ” disastrous management of the PP regional government.

Lack of staff

Since the Covid crisis, problems have multiplied in health centers, where there is a shortage of personnel. But what has just caused this massive mobilization of health personnel and patients is the final decision of the authorities to close the first aid centers in the least populated areas. Several already saturated hospital emergencies have been forced to close due to lack of staff.

Last week, 34 doctors loudly announced their resignations. However, this gesture provoked the ridicule of the current president Isabel Ayuso. This Sunday, the medical union expected an apology from the leader and above all a change in health policy with more resources.

The demonstration comes ahead of a strike announced for November 21 by 5,000 doctors, including pediatricians, protesting against their ” work overload “, their schedules” endless ” Y ” insufficient time spent with (their) patients “.


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