Marrakech: an “emperor of the night” monopolizes the entertainment venues

By Fayza Senhaji on 11/13/2022 at 20:23

Kiosk360. Several investors complain that an “Emperor of the Night” eliminates the competition in Marrakech thanks to practices that are far from legal. This article is a press review of the daily Assabah


Marrakech under the control of the “emperor of the night”. This is what makes it clear Assabah in its edition of Monday, November 14, referring to the current trend that the ocher city is experiencing in the entertainment sector. In fact, the newspaper is interested in the fate facing new investors trying to open their cafes, restaurants or cabarets in some of the most attractive areas of Marrakech. According to the newspaper, everyone can only see the failure of their business “because of one of the players in this sector who does everything, or almost, to eliminate the competition.”

In its report, the newspaper explains that the busiest places in certain areas of the city are monopolized by the same investor. For Assabah, he is the owner of a “State of the night”, alluding here to the excessively high number of projects that he is the bearer of, and which host every afternoon the best that is done by the jet set of Raabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and often also the Gulf countries. These establishments have even become essential for those who covet the world at night.

The success of your business is not in itself the problem, but the reasons that explain it. According to the Arabic-language daily, the success of the “Emperor of the Night” is mainly due to his ability to offer all the “services” his clients need. “And of course, here we are talking about prostitution, pimping and even pedophilia. “After-sales service” is also provided to customers who can afford it,” the newspaper says.

yes what it brings Assabah It is true, it could be a real scandal in Marrakech, the repercussions of which could be very great. Furthermore, the same source also speaks of well-organized criminal networks. This is what would allow this “Emperor” to be able to provide all the services that he promises to his clients. This is what most intrigues today. Indeed, as the newspaper explains, several investors who compete with these illegal practices are surprised to see the authorities immovable in the face of the actions of the establishments in question, especially since many testimonies relate how “the Emperor of the Night” was able to offer his services wealthy Gulf clients even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, often in violation of health restriction measures.

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