What plants attract rats? Plants to avoid so as not to invite rodents to the garden

A true pest in the garden and in the home, rats are relatively common and often damage our crops and cause property damage. Not to mention that they carry bacteria and therefore can contaminate fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. As a general rule, rodents are attracted to food and household waste, among other things. However, certain plants can also encourage them to take up residence in your outdoor space and you will surely be surprised to discover these species. So what plants attract rats? Here are the plants you should avoid planting to enjoy a rodent-free garden!

What attracts rats to a garden?

Why is there a rat in my garden? Probably because something draws them. Before revealing the surprising plants that bring rodents to your property, let’s first examine the 3 factors most responsible for their presence.

Food : This is the number 1 cause of the presence of rats inside and outside your house. They literally feast on everything, including pet food. Thanks to their highly developed sense of smell, rats will detect the slightest traces of food quite quickly. Therefore, it is essential never to leave food unattended.

All kinds of waste : Their waste can serve as both food and shelter for rats. If they have easy access to their containers, chaos is guaranteed! Remember to keep your garbage bags in well-closed boxes so rats can’t get in. However, waste doesn’t just refer to your household garbage. The droppings of your pets also count. Believe it or not, these can also be used as rodent food. Never leave this type of waste lying around in your yard or garden.

Also keep in mind that compost attracts rats. If you compost, remember to store food scraps in an airtight container.

Water sources : After all, rats need water too. In case of leaky pipes or taps, small rodents are at the rendezvous. Other water sources that can attract animals are watering holes, birdbaths, air conditioning units, etc.

What smell attracts rats the most?

Rodents love the smell of smoked meat and are also particularly attracted to the aroma of barbecue sauce and grilled meats. Add to this list peanut butter, pet food, bacon, etc.

what plants attract rats to the garden what attract rats to the garden

What plants attract rats?

Believe it or not, there are certain garden plants, like tulips, that attract rats. Likewise, the plantations in which you grow vegetable patch could encourage rodents to settle there. The seeds are usually their favorite food and rats can eat them immediately after planting them in the ground.

What other plants attract rats? Thus, rodents are also attracted to certain plants once they have grown. Among his favorite plantations are the green beansto them sunflowersthe corn and the cereals. Other home garden vegetables that can attract rodents include:

  • Zucchini
  • Cauliflower
  • Potatoes
  • carrots
  • turnips
  • Cabbage
  • Green peas

However, your flower garden is also not free from tenacious rodents. When their favorite food is not available, they take advantage of tulips (as mentioned above).

Besides vegetables, what other amazing plants attract rats? They greatly appreciate fruits and more particularly strawberries. If you grow it in your garden, rodents will soon be there.

the weeds that make your garden so unpleasant also serve as food for rats. In detail, they chew the stems to access the seeds above.

To restore balance to your outdoor space, you can favor plants that keep rats away and will also beautify the garden. Think of the imperial crown and eucalyptus among others.

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