Public health: “Mediocrity in power”

Dr. Louis-Marie Simard gave a talk in Moncton to share his thoughts on the province’s health system. The former member of the board of directors of the Vitalité health network also wanted to encourage citizens to claim more power in health.

The funds injected into the health system are sufficient, according to Dr. Louis-Marie Simard.

“Money that we waste, there is a lot. There is no incentive to act,” the former director general of the former Beauséjour Health Authority testified during a conference in Moncton.

He asserted that an administration that saves runs the risk of suffering a reduction in its subsidies. He also proposed financing hospitals based on the number of operations they perform, to encourage them to attract patients through quality service.

“The shortage of personnel and the problems of access to care is a management problem, assured the former member of the board of directors (CA) of Vitalité. It is not that health professionals are incompetent. They are like horses badly harnessed to a cart.

The one who was suspended from his duties in the health network for his participation in a committee of the Kent Regional Service Commission, advocated decentralization.

“A human-scale system is needed, to make it more reactive,” he explained.

“Operetta AC”

Mr. Simard also wants to see patients at the center of concerns, as well as respected communities (Francophones, LGBT and older people, for example). He cited Accreditation Canada standards, developed by the Health Standards Organization and the International Organization for Standardization, among others, in support of his view.

“To the bureaucrats, the public is a gang of 7-year-olds,” he said. They also say that he has unreasonable expectations, that he wants cardiology and radiotherapy centers in every little town.”

The member of the pressure group Égalité santé en français believes that citizens have a greater capacity for understanding and common sense. They should therefore, according to him, have more power in the CAs of the health networks (fired by the Prime Minister, Blaine Higgs, since July).

“These are AC of operetta. They have no authority over the CEOs of Horizon and Vitalité”, criticized Mr. Simard, denouncing the composition of their committees, their number of meetings and their code of conduct.

While waiting for a change, he believes that the health system is run by public officials obsessed with costs. “It is mediocrity in power”, he attacks her.

“It will be necessary to help health personnel to regain their place in the system,” he added before stating that Vitalité has intimidated these professionals for years. They are the ones who know the job, not a civil servant in Fredericton.”


The activist encouraged members of his audience to take action.

“We can’t make decisions, but we can push,” he argued before the group made up mostly of older people.

Mr. Simard hopes that health committees will be formed in all regional service commissions.

“We have to regain control of our deputies and take politics to the local level, he also advocated to applause. The deputies do not represent their riding, but their political party, to make the people of their community swallow its fashions and decisions.

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