Launch of an environmental career

At a time when environmental issues are taking an increasingly prominent place in society, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Université de Montréal is launching its first program related to the theme of the environment. This, like the second to be created at a later date, is part of UofM’s desire to offer more programs in environment and sustainable development (ESD), a training niche that is gaining popularity in Quebec higher education establishments. .

Offered in the fall of 2023, the multidisciplinary program Environment, society and transitions It will focus on different topics related to the humanities and social sciences. It will include subjects related to sociology, communications, law and human geography, as well as some basic concepts of biology, chemistry and physical geography. The course, which will address the political, ecological and economic problems of modern societies, will be aimed primarily at university students who wish to acquire initial training in the field of ESD.

a collaborative program

Although this major draws primarily from the College of Arts and Sciences course bank, seven new courses have been created to better prepare students for the many facets of a career in sustainable development. Following discussions with the School of Public Health and the Faculties of Planning, Law, and Continuing Education, four EDD acronym courses and three disciplinary courses tailored to those who do not have the prerequisite pre-university courses in mathematics and natural sciences have been established. to help them acquire the scientific knowledge necessary for the success of the program. Thus, the Department of Chemistry has launched an environmental chemistry course for non-chemists. The Department of Economics will offer a first-year course that will integrate various economic notions associated with environmental issues, while the Faculty of Law has designed a course on general and environmental law.

Respond to growing demand

The only program of its kind in Quebec, the premier in environment, society and transitions will respond to the growing interest of students and companies for skills related to the field of ESD. “A consultation with companies in the environmental sector revealed that skills in communication, ethics, law and human resources are in high demand, underlines the deputy dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Sophie Parent. Students of the humanities and social sciences who are passionate about the environment also demand training adapted to their areas of interest and competencies that allows them to contribute to the vast field of sustainable development. Therefore, this specialization is opportune”.

Combined with a short program, the race will allow to obtain a baccalaureate by accumulation with denomination. Then it will be possible to continue your studies in higher cycles opting for example for the specialized higher education degree (DESS) or the master’s degree in environment and sustainable development, the master’s degree in urban planning, the master’s degree in planning, option City, territory and landscape, or the DESS in geomatics and dynamic cartography or the master’s degree in geography.

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