How did video games become a major player in popular culture?

Relegated to the ranks of enthusiast activity in the 1980s, video games have since been fully integrated into popular culture to the point of becoming an art that inspires other arts as well.

Relegated to the ranks of enthusiast activity in the 1980s, video games have become fully integrated into popular culture. the The heroes of movies or television series of the past have been replaced in part by those of the world of video games, which shows that this art has truly marked the minds of people and popular culture. But how do we go from little-known games to pets like pikachu, soniceither Mario ? response items.

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From art that inspires to inspiration

The first video games are based on an adaptation of old sports or games. Thus, stink at Atari, the console of one of the first companies to work on the video game is inspired by table tennis, for example. horror games like demon resident to qualifying games like the license obligations, all games have borrowed many of their codes from other arts, starting with the movies. Video games have never hidden their myriad influences, and by combining this cultural and creative effervescence with technological advances, the field of possibilities has continued to expand for developers.

Video games have managed to become an art that also inspires other arts. It is enough to compare the number of adaptations of video games to cinema or television since the beginning of video games to see how this number increases exponentially. Today, video games are even more conducive to original creation than film or television, which revels in remakes and other licensed reboots.

The Serie The Wizard illustrates this perfectly. If the license is a novel, it will have taken the trilogy of the video game dubbed by critics and the public to see the birth of a Netflix series, more or less appreciated, on the license. If before the masterpieces of literature were adapted to the cinema and then became sources of inspiration for games, today the opposite is possible.

A practice that has managed to diversify

If the works of video games are increasingly present in the popular imagination, it is also for the practice of video games. Thanks to the specific adaptability of the digital world, many old games have been integrated into the large video game family, significantly increasing the number of players by bringing game enthusiasts back to the large video game family.

Among these games that are actors of popular culture by having been integrated into the world of video games, of course we can think of poker. A true mythical game through its representation in cinema, theater or music, poker has long acquired a special status. Some of the expressions in the game have entered the common vocabulary and a large number of people who know the rules of poker. However, this game was very quickly integrated into the great family of video games thanks to online gaming on platforms such as PokerStars that allow great accessibility, the possibility of playing against individuals thousands of kilometers away or even creating your own poker club. on-line.

A success that pushes the video game

Lately we could see the dances of the game Fortnite be imitated in real life by thousands of Internet users on social networks, and even by professional footballers like Antoine Griezmann. Some games like MOBAs have created their own vocabulary and expression used by players, but also in the lives of all players by people who do not necessarily play. Video games are everywhere and are increasingly played by more people. It is normal that with a prominent place in the daily life of so many people, its influence in daily life increases proportionally.

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Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days and with the emergence of streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, they have also become a watchable spectacle in their own right. The emergence of electronic sports illustrates this new way of consuming video games as a simple spectator, as well as the cultural power that video games have in our modern societies.

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