two days dedicated to “Tomorrow’s Solutions” at the Hôtel du Département de Nancy

The President of the Department Chaynesse Khirouni repeats it over and over again: “The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is an economic sector in its own right and not a separate economy”, it only serves to give work to sweet utopian dreamers.

The SSE is in fact a sector of the economy that weighs. In Meurthe-et-Moselle alone, it brings together 1,475 companies, 2,120 establishments employing 30,200 people. The gross payroll amounts to €749,666,771!

The associations, foundations, committed companies, mutual societies, cooperatives that make it up work in the health field, largely social, health, business support, financial… They contribute to the social bond, support the elderly, fight against isolation , precariousness. ..

Economics of social cohesion

If its social usefulness is no longer demonstrated, the President of the Department is convinced that “this economy of social cohesion and territorial anchorage”, “provider of employment”, is also the bearer of “tomorrow’s solutions”. The “Solutions Village of Tomorrow”, which will be unveiled this Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November at the Hôtel du Département, aims to shed light on these “innovative” players, their company or their approach. There are about 90 who have expressed their interest, “proof of the overflow of this sector.” Organizers say they were forced to stop registration due to lack of places. As the population ages, as the climate emergency forces us to change our model, it is good to meet them.

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Workshops and round tables

It will also be an opportunity to participate in round tables such as “Move: where, when, how?” ”, “the reuse of construction materials”, “how to give power back to our money” or workshops such as “make your wraps from bees”, your “eco-responsible keyring”, “being a parent without breaking the bank”…

The Village, supported by the Region, CRESS Grand Est, France Active Lorraine, the University of Lorraine, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts Grand Est, the EssenCiel 54 collective and Start-Up de Territoire, will be inaugurated on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

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