The PS enters “campaign” mode a year before the federal elections –

The Socialist Party has been meeting since Saturday morning and for two days at the Basel congress. He must adopt his positions on various strategic issues, but above all it is an opportunity to launch his campaign for the federal elections of October 2023.

The PS Switzerland congress gathers around 900 people in the Basel Congress Center, in dim red light. It comes at the right time to relaunch the socialist machine after the narrowly missed vote in the AVS on September 25.

The campaign for the federal elections was officially launched on Saturday afternoon. In her opening speech, PS co-chair Mattea Meyer announced the color by pointing to several priorities: the climate and energy supply, purchasing power or even equality.

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The Socialist Party begins its electoral campaign one year before the federal elections / Le 12h30 / 2 min. / yesterday at 12:32

Great strategic files

This two-day congress is an opportunity for Switzerland’s second party to debate and decide their positions on these strategic issues, to which we must add gender equality or Europe.

Among the first speakers, Federal Councilor Alain Berset delivered a plea against “indifference”, to socially prevent “the weakest from having to tighten their belts even more”.

He also addressed the issue of health costs and sickness premiums. “We cannot accept that the bonuses become an increasingly heavy burden, even suffocating,” launched the Fribourgeois, criticizing the lack of reform will in this area by politicians.

Alain Berset also advocated the isolation of Switzerland at the international level. The PS is also due to adopt a position paper on Sunday for a “social and democratic Europe”.

PLR hot on its heels according to the SSR barometer

And strategic issues will also be found in the party’s election campaign. The PS plays big next year, as it is credited with a slight drop of 0.5% in the electoral barometer sponsored by the SSR and published this week.

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The socialists therefore see the PLR, very close, hot on their heels. They also lost seats in the cantonal elections, competing on the left with Les Verts.

Asked on Saturday at Foro, PS co-president Cédric Wermuth was not particularly alarmed by this result. “I don’t play politics with polls. I try to present solutions that improve the lives of the majority of the population”, he replied.

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The PS launches its campaign for the federal elections: interview with Cédric Wermuth / Forum / 5 min. / yesterday at 18:04

Key Target Concerns

The training is convinced that it is aimed at the main citizen concerns with the climate, energy, health premiums or purchasing power. It has launched several initiatives on these issues.

For Cédric Wermuth, it is important for the PS to position itself on different issues, because “today we are experiencing multiple crises”. “We need a party that is able to bring all the struggles – the women’s movement, the labor movement, the climate justice movement – around the table and turn it into a political program that fights all these crises at the same time,” he insisted.

But the PS has a lot of work on the horizon to convince voters that it brings better solutions to these challenges than the other parties. The stakes are high, in the context of one of his two seats that could be threatened in the Federal Council.

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