The new president of the AFO, a French health specialist still unknown

Due to his experience in the medical system, either as a health professional or as a manager of Kapuskasing and Hearst hospitals, the new president of theAFO seems to have the necessary profile to address the problem of access to the health network in French.

At least that’s what Roger Sigouin thinks, who rubbed elbows with him during his time at Hearst Hospital as chief of staff.

Hearst Mayor Roger Sigouin believes the new AFO president has the necessary skills.

Photo: Radio-Canada

With the management of a French-speaking hospital that he managed for several years, he gained a lot of experience, and that is a great strength that he has to face challenges.he explains.

Mr. Sigouin believes that Fabien Hébert has great respect for the French language and that it is committed to making health care accessible.

He says his time in the medical system, whether with patients or behind the scenes as a manager, will be give you the tools to get the job done.

A little-known president at the moment

However, to fulfill his mandate, Mr. Hébert will need to become more visible among members and francophone leaders in the province.

Several civil servants and elected officials, as well as members of the board of directors of theAFO he did not seem to know his new president.

More than one attendee at the general meeting on Saturday was also unable to speak about the new president due to lack of knowledge about him.

Paul Schoppmann poses for a photo.

Paul Schoppmann did not know Fabien Hébert before his election as head of the AFO.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Yvon Theriault

This is particularly the case for Paul Schoppmann, the outgoing mayor of the municipality of Saint-Charles, in the Greater Sudbury region, who, however, is reassured by the fact that the new president of theAFO specializes in the field of medicine.

The health system, we know that there is great discomfort in the provinces but also in the North, we can say that it is difficult to have services in French.he explains.

According to Mr. Sigouin, it is normal that the new president of theAFO is little known at the moment.

I know he has a little less of a public profile since he retired, but I think he has what it takes to make himself known to the members.he said.

Mr. Sigouin believes that Fabien Hébert will be able to fulfill his task within the Assembly of the Francophonie of Ontario.

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