Elisabeth Borne in Lisbon for a visit dedicated to culture and energy

Elisabeth Borne went to Lisbon this Saturday for the closing of the Franco-Portuguese cultural season, on an official visit also marked by a working lunch with her counterpart Antonio Costa on major international and European issues.

Received on Saturday morning in torrential rain, the French Prime Minister visited the National Museum of Ancient Arts with Costa. He inaugurated the installation of a self-portrait of the French painter Nicolas Poussin in the presence of the president of the France-Portugal Season 2022 Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota.

A monument to Simone Veil

El Borne then inaugurated a monument dedicated to Simone Veil, a personality honored by the Portuguese in this cultural season, in the presence of the eldest son of the former president of the European Parliament, Jean Veil.

The Prime Minister also opened the “Dear Future Me” exhibition at the Boavista Gallery where she spoke with French and Portuguese youth, before praising “a friendship between States” and “two peoples”, strong of “two million people of Portuguese origin live in France and more than 50,000 French settled in Portugal”.

underwater pipeline

A working lunch with his counterpart Antonio Costa made it possible to discuss, in addition to the conflict in Ukraine and the situation in Africa, “the interconnections that we are going to set up between our two countries and even with Spain”, a- he explained at the end of the conference while the two Iberian heads of government will meet on the sidelines of the summit of the southern countries of the European Union scheduled for December 8 and 9 in Alicante.

The three countries recently announced an agreement for the construction of an underwater gas pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille, intended for the transport of gas, then green hydrogen, to replace the “MidCat” gas pipeline project through the Pyrenees.

The issue of superprofits on the table

Asked about the taxation of the super-profits of companies in the food sector, an idea recently put on the table in Portugal by Antonio Costa, El Borne welcomed “a European system (…) that allows capturing the super-profits obtained in the energy sector by a extremely high energy prices.

He then mentioned “the issue of sharing the wealth created within companies” and recalled candidate Macron’s promise of an “employee dividend”, “an issue we are working on, on which we have taken advantage of social partners.” […] At the moment, the negotiating calendar is a bit stretched out, so we invite you to move as quickly as possible so that we can take action on the next texts that we will present to Parliament. »

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