the culture plan 2023-2027 in discussion with the actors in the field

On Tuesday, October 18, the deliberation room of the departmental council of Épinal received a hundred people to discuss the future culture plan (2023-2027). These meetings brought together elected officials, culture and entertainment professionals.

The president of the departmental council, François Vannson, in his speech evoked the need for an ambitious policy and cultural offer in the Vosges territory: “We must build our project for the future, for our identity, it is vital vitality, development, cohesion. Thus affirming that “a man without culture is like a tree without fruit”, a quote taken from the writer Antoine de Rivarol “To survive, a department must feed on new ideas, shared ideas. It was in these terms that the foundations of culture began .

With the 2019-2022 balance exposed, it was time to present the new Internet platform of the departmental council called “culturecnous”. A friendly and fun platform, it offers cultural actors the opportunity to network to share, search, identify actors, but also to borrow equipment because the department has in fact acquired a fleet of stage equipment.

The first round table made it possible to present actions already underway, such as the Chaumousey media library; also become a place of animation, exchanges and life where the public is an actor of culture. A presentation where everyone was able to identify the added values ​​of this shared project: “Create emotions, give meaning to culture, share everyone’s talents, cooperate, get involved, consult, find spaces for mediation. One observation is that practices have changed today: “We work with users who are true partners. »

The round table in the afternoon dedicated to investigating how to create culture in rural areas? The observation: some territories are free of culture, of mobility problems, of attractions, but this scheme should allow supporting the actors, the inhabitants to cover these white areas in terms of culture. There are many things to do. However, the actors were unanimous: “It is feasible”,

The involvement of everyone to make culture with everyone. On this note of optimism we ended this session.

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