Sustainable development SÉCHÉ ENVIRONNEMENT: an obvious CSR strategy

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For Séché Environnement, which specializes in waste management and decontamination, the CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy is redundant. Sustainable development is simply its longstanding raison d’être.

Within this family group, established throughout the country both at national and European level, South America and Africa of the South, is Pierre-Yves Burlot director of Sustainable Development, which guides the CSR strategy: “We are committed to being always ahead to keep this precursor reference in questions environmental conservation, and work on the different aspects of ecological transition, climate, energy, biodiversity, or the questions of water. All these elements are axes. strong in group politics and we allows us to offer our customers best environmental solutions standards »


The team led by Pierre-Yves Burlot brings together a wide variety of skills correlated with group ambitions in environmental matters: specialists climate, energy, natural ecologists, They are in charge of developing the group projects, operating methods but also the proposed solutions to communities and businesses to reduce its environmental impact and your carbon footprint. “The goal is work internally to make our exhibition sites, and externally for meet the needs of our customers who they want to speed up their decarbonisation, example with local energy instead only massively imported fossils »continues Pierre-Yves Burlot. Linear waste management is no longer news for Séché Environnement. “Today, the demand of our clients is much broader than simple management of its waste what was the vocation start of companies in the sector »

This development offers many advantages. : local job creation, transformation of waste into local resources respond to decarbonization problems, energy independence and material recovery.


In the great Southwest where it sits through its subsidiaries DRIMM in Montech/ Escalens, Triadis Services, Drying Ecological Services and Dry Sanitation, Séché aims to lead the way: the production of electricity from biogas in its Montech site, construction of a new energy recovery plant Waste Mo’UVE in Montauban that will cover most of the needs from the district heating network and will produce electricity. Not forgetting Speichim in Mourenx, which recycles industrial solvents chemical and pharmaceutical. These regenerated solvents that can be substituted with virgin fossil solvents products in Asia, and be reintegrated in manufacture process.


“Here we provide concrete solutions to our clients to meet their challenges independence, decarbonization, tensions Pierre-Yves Burlot. A regenerated solvent produces five times less emissions than a virgin solvent. So goes the industry divide your emissions by five when you go choose us instead of importing. That is also the recovery of land and clearings, Séché Eco Services experience in Roquessur-Garonne, which allows conversion industrial wasteland and contributes limit land use natural or agricultural… Thanks to the economy circle, we once again mark a ecological transition box. »

Séché Environnement’s CSR Strategy is in tune with the times: disruption climate change, reduction of greenhouse gases greenhouse, preservation of biodiversity, water resources… These issues that require new levers: economy circular low carbon solutions, recovery, wasteland recycling. The transition organic is on its way. dry environment shows the way.

three questions to Pierre-Yves Burlot, Director of Sustainable Development Séché Environnement

what he does sustainable development for a group as dry Environment, specializing in waste treatment?

It is precisely to go from one waste management logic, the historical logic of the actors of the sector, very logical broader including solutions environmental issues climate, biodiversity, economy circular, energy and water now… is to have a range of solutions for meet the needs of transition of all our clients, be they communities, business or industry.

Our waste is therefore more than never the raw material our future developments?

Absolutely. for a question independence, development, but also of resilience because again, the waste is locally produced. then a once reduced to the source, promoting it locally allows break free from addictions external parties that can sometimes do tricks. we see it today on the energy side.

How the environment dries Do you support communities? and business in decarbonization?

On the climate side, we have a strategy that goes two axes The first concerns the exemplary nature of our sites in terms of gas emissions Greenhouse effect. is the effort indisputable before going any further far in any strategy. How we, as a company, as an economic actor, we managed to align with the agreement from Paris. So we have a climate strategy that foresees our industrial tools, our fashions transport, our consumption of energy, to spend maximum fossil fuels and reduce our emissions as much as possible of greenhouse gases. Us have a commitment that provides the 25% reduction in our emissions by 2030. The second axis aims to to allow our customers reduce their own emissions.

By substituting fossil energy for the energy of waste, or a virgin material for a recycled material we produce, our customers reduce their CO2 emissions. Us therefore, provide our customers circular economy solutions and of decarbonization. The group Séché Environnement has target title increase 40% of your activities circular economy by 2025.


Séché Environnement is a family group based in Mayenne, chaired by Joël Séché and directed by Maxime Séché. The group is an actor benchmark for waste management, including the most complex and hazardous and environmental services, particularly in case of an emergency environmental. Séché Environnement deploys technologies technologies developed by its R+D+i in the heart of the territories, it has 120 sites in 15 countries (Europe, South America and South Africa) including fifty in France.


Mo’ve for “Montauban Energy Recovery Unit”. an acronym dynamic to designate a promising facility to serve of a simple idea: take advantage of waste to produce energy alternative to fossil fuels, low carbon and local. the old Sirtomad incineration plant (Syndicat Mixte de Treatment des Garbage Domestic and Other Waste) was reaching the end of the cycle.

The future structure, whose first stone was laid last March, will be operational in the second half of 2023. For this project, Séché Environment has obtained a public service delegation (DSP) from a duration of 20 years. In the long term, this unit, which will take advantage of waste from the territory will produce almost all the energy needed to supply the electricity grid. Montauban urban heat. In summer electricity will be produced and injected In the net. This production will also make Mo’UVE autonomous.

Pierre-Yves Burlot Director of Sustainable Development at Séché Environnement : “We are moving from a treatment facility to a solution for extremely virtuous valuation that will produce, in large quantities, a carbon-free energy in and for the Montalban area. »

Maxime Séché, Managing Director of Séché Environnement indicated for his departed last March: “Mo’UVE will be one more example of the actions that we lead in favor of the development of industrial ecology solutions, as close as possible to local needs, and contribute to decarbonization Of the territory “

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