Cahors. Fired from the “Parcours de vie” association, 3 volunteers ask for a management control

In front of the facilities of the “Parcours de vie” association. (©JCB)

Three volunteers fromassociation “Paths of life”, in Cahorsthey claim to have identified anomalies in the management of the association and request that controls be carried out at the level of daily accounting.

Three volunteers from the mutual aid association “Parcours de vie” were excluded. Why ? “Because we ask to know the accounts of the association and above all the daily cash statements” they affirm. Disappointed by this situation, they ask for transparency and even for one of them, his reinstatement.

“Parcours de vie” is an association law from 1901, declared in the prefecture on September 28, 2011. It was created by a group of women, including Mme Maryvonne Agogué, founding president. “I was in charge of the social Samu at the Red Cross of Cahors and decorated with the National Order of Merit, but since there were problems in the Red Cross at that time, I founded my own association” precise mme exhausted The premises are located, rue de la petite Barre* in Cahors, in a six-room house, on two floors, converted into a cloakroom. 18 volunteers participate in the operation of the structure.

“Cover operating costs”?

Purpose of the association: “to help all the people whose difficulties in life progressively lead them to a situation of dependency; provide moral and material support with respect to human dignity and in particular to desocialized and homeless people to whom a hand will be extended in greater coexistence; after donations, make available to people a range of clothing in good condition at very low prices, previously selected by their volunteers; the sums collected will be used to cover the costs of operating and refurbishing the structure. »

“Parcours de vie” intervenes, following the model of Secours populaire, La Croix Rouge, Emmaüs, Le Secours Catholique…, in the field of mutual aid, collecting clothes, shoes, toys, books, crockery, records… to resell them cheaply. The president of the association would have refused to detail the accounts to the three volunteers who requested it, considering that it was not necessary. “Every year there is a board of directors and the accounts are presented, before being deposited in the prefecture these people just made a mess and all the other volunteers signed up so they wouldn’t come back ! Don’t worry, everything is in order. ! » the president answers. She continues: “It’s just that they don’t have the same mode of operation as me, so they go elsewhere » METERme Agogué ends: “These people have dirty me, it is not about reincorporating any of them ! »

The testimony of 3 fired volunteers

“In the beginning and for several years, we were very busy with activities related to the triage of all cases.get people to leave us, so that we can then offer them to buy at a low price; we felt confident… Until the day we were surprised to be denied disclosure of the accounts, when we requested it. There is no way of knowing what goes into the box from day to day, as there is no statement of items sold and price paid. There is no daily account book. The president is content to indicate a lump sum that she deposits in the bank… her categorical refusal disturbed us and this situation led us to ask ourselves questions; why so much refusal… Until the day they completely kicked us out, despite the fact that we had been dating for several years. We simply tried to raise the alarm with various organizations: the prefecture, the town hall… but so far the efforts have not been successful. »

The three volunteers regret that the benefits of the association are not used to help the poorest. They are outraged by their dismissal, which they describe as “abusive”, after 10 years of volunteering within the association, accompanied by an insulting letter… They ask that the management of this association and the security of premises open to the public be controlled.

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These three people say that they are not happy to have been fired, “simply for asking for clarification on the accounts”. They ask that the functioning of this association be clarified.

“Way of life”: 161, rue du pape Jean XXII in Cahors. Open every day from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 12 and from 14:30 to 17:30 Tel. 06 82 10 83 74

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