Alberta unions urge health minister to meet with them

We can no longer ensure with certainty that an Albertan will be able to receive the treatments they need in a timely manner. [nécessaires]said Mike Parker, president of the Alberta Association for Health Sciences (HASS), one of five groups that met at a news conference in Edmonton on Monday.

We are the experts. We want to help every patient […]but we are fighting against a neglected health system. »

a quote from Mike Parker, President of the Alberta Health Sciences Association

The other organizations were the Alberta Union of Public Employees (AUPE), the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the United Nurses Union of Alberta (UNA), and Friends of Medicare (FOM).

Sandra Azocar, vice president of theAUPE, He recalled that one of the biggest problems is the lack of staff in health facilities: We know where the gaps are, we have solutions, and we want to have a comprehensive plan to fix the health care system.

The group confirmed that the unions have not yet received any news from the Ministry of Health. If you ever don’t contact them, they promise that your voices will be heard in another way.

Danielle Smith provokes reactions

Union representatives also reacted together to Danielle Smith’s new cabinet. It seems absurd to most that there is no Ministry of Labor that serves as a link between the voices of the workers.

The Prime Minister explained that there are now two Departments of Labour: Labour, Economy and Northern Development, led by Brian Jean, and Skilled Trades and Occupations, led by Kaycee Madu.

Some union representatives also took the floor to denounce one of the solutions proposed by Danielle Smith.

The latter had proposed restructuring Alberta Health Services (AHS), in particular by laying off the board of directors before the end of the year, which he believes is the source of the labor shortage.

Some union representatives stated thatAHS continues to operate. According to them, this decision avoids addressing the problem of the lack of staff and it will only create more distortion in an already fragile system.

Asked about his statements about theAHSon Monday, Danielle Smith replied that she wanted talk to local people to solve local problems.

Union representatives are not optimistic about the future of the health system after observing the first days of the new government.

I don’t think he takes this matter seriously.Mike Parker said. I have the impression that they take the problem lightly.

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